TOP 10 best Hollywood Disaster movies of 2020 to watch

Disaster movies belong to the fantasy genre of cinema. As a rule, these are very spectacular films with a large budget. The plot is built around a disaster that hit the entire planet or on individual civilizations. In some cases, this is due to natural phenomena, in others – a person can serve as a cause.

Today we are going to present you TOP 10 best Hollywood Disaster movies of 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin.

List of best Hollywood Disaster movies in 2020

10. Greyhound

A terrible situation arises during the time of World War II. The fascist submariners are already attacking the Atlantic Ocean; they have spread the action for many miles ahead. The main character is a naval officer named Ernest Krause. Circumstances were such that he first appeared on a destroyer, and carried out several orders of the government.

However, suddenly, he was informed that now he has to find the Nazis and destroy most of the opponents. A man is in a terrible state, he is full of fears and indecision. He practically does not believe in his strength, is afraid that nothing will come of it. However, he is obliged to move on to the path.

9. No Time to Die

James Bond decided to marry and leave his dangerous service. However, family happiness did not last long. Suddenly a tragedy occurred in his life. His beloved wife was killed. The man is in despair. However, time passes, and he decides to return to service to take revenge on the killers.

Also, he meets Felix Leiter. From him, Bond learns that terrorists abducted the famous scientist, whose knowledge can now be used against civilians. He agrees to help him but does not even imagine how crazy this task will be!

8. Artemis Fowl

Artemis’s terrifying plan is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Disaster movies 2020.

Artemis Fowl is a young heir to a family known in criminal circles. His family has been very successful in committing various fraudulent and thieving crimes. In his 12 years, he already managed to distinguish himself with numerous criminal talents. However, the hero decided not to stop and move on. It so happened that he managed to unearth the entrance to the secret underground world, where the creatures considered mythical coexist. Now he knows where the gnome, elves, leprechauns, pixies, brownies and other creatures live.

7. A Quiet Place Part II

In the last part of the movie, the Evelyn Abbott family was forced to flee into the forest after the attack on the city of huge arachnid monsters. Monsters have sharp ears reacting even to soft sound and being far from it. Evelyn and her two children were lucky – they managed to survive but the hero’s husband died protecting his family.

Having learned that alien aggressors are afraid of high-frequency sounds, Evelyn hopes that humankind will succeed in defeating a terrible enemy. In this case, the woman has to leave their forest shelter. The story changes when the heroes fall into a trap. However, they were rescued by a mysterious stranger convinced that there is no point in saving the surviving people.

6. Monster Hunter

The plot focuses on a group of soldiers led by Lieutenant Artemis, who, by a strange coincidence, suddenly moved from our world to a parallel universe inhabited by bloodthirsty monsters.

Each of the squad members is experienced fighters but their skill and battle training are useless in the face of monstrous creatures on an alien planet. Suddenly, a mysterious monster hunter, who professionally destroys hordes of evil spirits, comes to the aid of the people

5. Godzilla vs. Kong

Two titansare in the TOP 10 new holly Disaster movies.

A time when monsters are walking around the Earth, the struggle of mankind for its future forces the two most powerful creatures of the planet, Godzilla and Kong, to face in an exciting battle of the century. Also, while the members of the secret government organization “Monarch” are sent on a dangerous mission through uncharted territories to find out information about the origin of the two titans, humanity is preparing a plan to destroy these creatures – both good and bad.

4. Escape from Pretoria

Two freedom fighters are serving sentences in one of the most severe prisons in the world – in Pretoria. Together with other prisoners, they plan a daring and dangerous escape. However, the implementation of the plan is a dangerous task.

3. Underwater

A group of oceanologists plans to penetrate the depths of the sea, where no humans have ever set foot. Researchers hope to take soil samples from the deep sea and send them to the laboratory. Among the heroes is Norah – a girl who had long dreamed of an expedition. At the underwater station, she works as a mechanical engineer. Despite the relatively young age and little experience, the hero finds her place in the team.

After the well has been drilled and soil samples are taken, tremors started. The earthquake shook the depths of the sea destroying everything around. Team members must come together to save their lives. Norah shows courage and tries to take control of the situation. However, the heroes do not even suspect that the main danger is a terrible monster that lurks in the depths of the sea…

2. The King’s Man

A super-spy organization is in the list of Hollywood Disaster movies 2020.

The events of the film unfold in the 1900s and tell about the establishment of a super-spy organization, whose actions will subsequently save humanity more than once. The protagonist is a young and ambitious guy named Conrad that comes from the noble Oxford family. He dreamed of serving for the sake of the country. However, fate decreed otherwise, and the young man becomes one of the first agents of the secret Kingsman organization, whose mission is to prevent coups and eliminate political conspirators.

1. Train to Busan 2

The main characters of the film are managed to survive after Seoul and then the whole country was gripped by a mysterious epidemic. The high-speed train to Busan was a real salvation for them, and the main characters managed to survive. The epidemic spreads at tremendous speed. At some point, it could overtake the passengers of the high-speed train, but they were lucky. Four years have passed since that terrible day.

Only a small group of people managed to survive after the defeat of South Korea by a strange zombie virus. The main characters have to find out whether the entire planet is infected, and how many uninfected people remain on the peninsula.

TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Disaster films end now.

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