List of Hollywood Comedy movies 2018

Movies these days are all about pleasing the audience, and this genre is by far the most entertaining one. Judging by our mighty list, the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Comedy movies 2018 are going to be quite alright.

We’ve got animated films, thrilling action-packed blockbusters, and everything else you might think of. Fresh, exciting, and full of hilarious jokes, these titles will be the talk of the town next year. Alright, now let’s take a look at every single movie.

  1. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

First, he was just a regular worker dreaming of making a name for himself. Next, he saved the day and became the hero he always wanted to be. And now he’s going through a rough patch: the Internet is in danger, and, even though he knows nothing about it, Ralph will have to do whatever it takes to keep it alive. With the help of a trusted old friend, this kind-hearted yet clumsy big guy is about to hop on the most dangerous trip of his life. Villains, allies, and all sorts of unbelievable adventures are in stores for him.

  1. Game Over, Man!

The story follows three buddies who have been trying to find a sponsor for their project for a very long time. They’re making a video-game, one of the best ones in history (in their opinion, of course), and they finally found just the right philanthropist to fund them. Unfortunately, before the man gets a chance to transfer the much-needed bucks, something happens.

A bunch of ugly terrorists kidnaps him in the light of day. So, what are the friends supposed to do? Forget about their dream and move on with their lives, let the authorities handle it? Or maybe it’s time for them to step up and do something? Of the TOP 10 new holly Comedy movies, this one’s a keeper.

  1. Bad Boys for Life

Yes, it’s been more than a decade since we saw these two together on the big screen. Will the third chapter hit the theaters anytime soon? Definitely! There’s even a set date – November 9th, 2018, but it’s not officially confirmed yet, which means we’ll have to stick with it for now. The previous two installments were incredibly successful.

And, given the fact that they both featured two African-American men as the lead actors, it’s no surprise they’re iconic. So, all that’s left for the folks behind this project to do is capture the very essence of the Bad Boys franchise and introduce some cool new features for the younger generations. Sounds easy enough, right?

  1. Game Night

These couples have a mutual hobby: they get together every once in a while for an intriguing game night. But this time around, something horrifying happens: a person dies, turning the game into something entirely different. Now they’ll have to get together and try to figure out who’s the murderer and what are his/her motives.

A comedy slash mystery, Game Night is smart, funny, and all kinds of awesome. The cast is incredible, and the story is quite gripping and thrilling. There’s no telling whether these folks will figure out this mystery or not (or if they’ll all be alive before the sun comes up), but it will be a fun night. Put this banger on the list of Hollywood Comedy movies 2018 and let’s move on.

  1. Anna and the Apocalypse

What are you supposed to do when the zombies invade your little town? Fight the scary monsters and sing, of course! Anna, together with her best friends, must face this apocalypse and make her way through the hordes and reach the school, the one and only safe place in the vicinity. Nobody knows what caused this epidemic and whether their loved ones are still alive are not. But there’s no time for thinking: the monsters are coming, and one can’t ever reason with them. If you’re into this kind of things, Anna and the Apocalypse will become your new favorite.

  1. Raising Buchanan

A lady on the brink of desperation does the unspeakable: she single-handedly steals the dead body of an American president – Mr. Buchanan. She’s confident that his corpse will bring her a fortune. Unfortunately, as it soon turns out, nobody really wants to take the dead ex-POTUS out of her hands. What is she supposed to do now? The woman was sure that after she sold Buchanan, everything would go back to normal and she would get a chance to start over. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Comedy movies of 2018 to watch, this one’s a must-see.

  1. Paddington 2

The famous bear is back, and he’s about to start yet another big-time mess. The hood loves him and considers the brute to be a friend. He’s finally living with a family just like he dreamed, but there’s still a lot of work to do. His grandma is about to turn 100-years-old, and Paddy wants her to have the best gift in the entire world. He gets the money, buys it, but a bunch of criminals steals it. So, the angry bear gets his clique together and rushes after the vagabonds. He’ll have to bring it back in time for the celebration.

  1. Ride Along 3

Same fellas, a different adventure – that’s the best way to describe RA3. The two cops are still not getting along with each other well, but at least now they know that the other guy is trustworthy. Besides, now that Ben is about to make his relationship with James’s sister official, they’ll be bound for life.

There’s a new heat on the streets: a whole pile of manufactured drugs that are ready to infest the American cities. It’s up to these brave black men to defeat the villains and protect their country. As far as the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Comedy films 2018 go, Ride Along 3 is going to be quite a successful release.

A still from Ride Along 3

  1. The Rundown 2

The Rock has been dominating the movie industry for years now, but he wasn’t born famous. The actor had to overcome numerous obstacles before he became a worldwide superstar. The Rundown was his breakthrough film, and now, 15 years later, the man is finally ready to go back to it with the official sequel. The plot is unknown, but, in all honesty, in a film like this one, you don’t really need a thought-through story. If the team delivers a nice combination of action, CGI, and bad jokes, we’ll be happy.

The Rundown 2

  1. The 100-Year-Old Man

Ferrell is one of the GOATs when it comes to comedy. In this hilarious blockbuster, he’s portraying Allan, an old man who’s been locked up in a nursing home for way too long. He’s 100 years old and still has a fire deep inside. On the celebration day, the oldster escapes the “prison” and remembers his life journey while trying to hide from the cops. Fresh, witty, thought-provoking and totally hilarious, The 100-Year-Old Man is the best film on our list of best Hollywood Comedy movies in 2018.

Will Ferrell Takes the Lead in The 100 Year-Old Man

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