TOP 10 best Hollywood Zombie movies of 2020 to watch

For decades, the zombie apocalypse genre has been haunting filmmakers and fans like movies about creepy and merciless zombies who crave to destroy all life.

Today we are going to present you TOP 10 best Hollywood Zombie movies of 2020 to watch.

Here we go!

List of best Hollywood Zombie movies in 2020

10. Dead Earth (Previously Two of Us)

An unknown virus turns people into living dead. Hungry monsters devour all life in their path, infecting their victims. Few managed to survive and now they are hiding in places inaccessible to zombies.

At the height of the epidemic, two women were resting in a small resort town, which quickly turned into a lifeless wasteland. By chance, only they managed to escape from a zombie attack and avoid infection. Now they have to try very hard to get out of this place and save their lives…

9. Strain 100

The story begins with a story about a recent trip. The girl and the guy go on vacation but get into a car accident.

On a happy occasion, she is saved. Recovering from the shock, she realizes that there are many zombies around her intending to eat her.

8. Alone

After the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, the main character Aidan manages to barricade himself in his apartment and not become one of these infected monsters that instantly flooded the whole city.

Now the young man has to fight alone for his life until suddenly he notices that he is not alone. In the house opposite there is also a surviving girl, just like him, who took refuge in her home. Aidan must figure out how to help her and not fall into the hands of those infected…

7. Outbreak Z

Wesley Snipes is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Zombie movies 2020.

To stop the zombie virus epidemic, a group of Special Forces should find a person who managed to create a vaccine in a student campus teeming with bloodthirsty zombies. Will they be able to find the man and survive in this hell?

6. Texas Zombie Wars: Dallas

In Texas, an outbreak of a strange disease occurs. It is not known who its carrier and cause. In the desert places, there is a secret laboratory, which has become the center of experiments related to the creation of a universal soldier. However, research fails and out of total control.      

Now zombies are attacking the city and the inhabitants of Dallas intend to uncover the weapons and go into a real battle against the terrible monsters moving in their direction.                         

5. Army of the Dead

Once Las Vegas was hit by a terrible disaster. In the very center of the resort city, a zombie apocalypse started. The protagonist is the thieve who decides to profit from looting and, having assembled a team of mercenaries, sets off for the Zombie Outbreak Epicenter. The guys plan to cross the closed quarantine zone and commit the greatest robbery in history.

Having gathered and carefully prepared for the upcoming operation, the team suddenly finds out that the leader’s daughter hid in the trunk of the car before leaving. While they were sorting out all kinds of equipment and preparing for a difficult and breathtaking journey, the girl got out and headed straight towards the city captured by the carnivorous undead. 

4. Untitled: The Walking Dead Movie

Rick Grimes’s story is in the TOP 10 new holly Zombie movies.

The film tells about the fate and adventures of one of the most charismatic heroes of the cult series “The Walking Dead” – Rick Grimes.

Before the epidemic, the hero was an ordinary policeman in a small town in the American countryside. His brother introduced him to an attractive girl named Lori, and they soon got married. The couple had a son whom they named Carl.

After the epidemic, Rick was one of the few who managed to survive, while he lost his wife and adopted daughter. A courageous and strong-willed man, Rick managed to lead a group of surviving citizens, and after he and his comrades were in a safe zone, he was appointed Alexandria constable.

3. Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2

The film takes place in a very unusual school, Seabrook High. Football player Zack and cheerleader Addison recently experienced incredible adventures and made peace in the school. The trials led to the emergence of a romantic relationship between the characters.

Now they are preparing for the graduation party and are seriously thinking about their future. However, their peaceful existence disrupts the arrival of new students who are real werewolves.        

2. Zombi Child

Child’s play is on the list of Hollywood Zombie movies 2020.

Clairvius Narcisse spent his whole life in Haiti and died in 1962. However, he is returned from the world of the dead using voodoo magic. Almost half a century has passed since then. His granddaughter recently moved with her mother to Paris and met new friends at the school. They decided to accept her into their society, but for this, she had to tell them some secret. The girl told them the story of her grandfather. She could not have imagined that this story would push one of the girls to commit irreparable…      

1. Train to Busan 2: Peninsula

Events begin in the city of Seoul. The cause of the riots and panic is a dangerous zombie virus that takes the lives of city residents. At the railway station, there was only one train leaving for Busan. For the few survivors, this is the last chance to escape from the jaws of death.

The train started moving, and the bloodthirsty zombies are trying to stop it. Few people will be able to leave the borders of this city.

TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Zombie films end now.

Thank you for watching it!

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