TOP 18 new good Action movies 2020 release

Today you do not need to turn over the Internet to find good english Action movies – they are shot in huge numbers. Large studios and famous directors focus their attention on blockbusters, and for the most part, they are large-scale battles with explosions, pursuits, spaceships, and supervillains.

Now we are going to show you the TOP 18 best english Action movies 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 18 good Action films

18. Bad Boys for Life

The action of the comedy-crime action movie begins its development when a serious conflict occurs between Burnett and his partner. This leads to the fact that he makes a difficult decision to leave the service in Miami police to engage in private investigation activity.

Meanwhile, Lowrey has a midlife crisis. He does not know what to do next and how to live. Lowrey sees the solution to all his problems in family life. Therefore, he begins to plan to stop a bachelor’s life and create a strong family. At the same time, he has to constantly deal with a new partner who does not respect him.

17. No Time to Die

Daniel Craigis in the TOP 18 best new Action movies 2020.

James Bond left a dangerous job and decided to live a peaceful life. Jamaica is a great choice for an aging special agent. Sunny days and picturesque beaches end when his old friend from the CIA Felix Leiter arrives on the island. Bond learns that radical terrorists abducted the famous scientist, whose knowledge can now be used against civilians. He agrees to return but does not even imagine how crazy this task will be.

16. Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn, once a psychiatrist, leaves her beloved Joker. She becomes more alert, cautious, and weighs her actions. Harley does not want to repeat the mistakes that she made in the recent past. That is why she is trying to think one step ahead. However, Harley is still eccentric and loves adventure.

Meanwhile, a young girl named Cassandra Cain discovers a diamond. It soon turns out that it belongs to an influential and extremely dangerous criminal authority known by the nickname Black Mask. Upon learning of the incident, Harley Quinn decides to join forces to protect Cassandra.

15. Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruiseis on the list of good english Action movies.

Once the command decides to pull the protagonist from his duties as an active pilot. The leadership is confident that he will be much more useful not on the battlefield but in teaching. Therefore, the command sends him as a flight instructor. He agrees with this decision realizing that he should pass on his experience to beginners.

When the main character arrives, he realizes that nothing is as simple as it seemed before. He has to go a difficult way and make many achievements. However, the worst part is that he will have to confront the difficult past.

14. Bloodshot

The film tells the story of Angelo Mortalli who began to serve the government. He is a modern Frankenstein who was brought back to life. Also, special circuits were built into the protagonist’s body, which contributes to the regeneration of the body, as well as erasing those areas of memory that are inconvenient for the FBI.

However, Angelo dutifully carried out the orders of his masters only until a certain point – once he regained his freedom and realized what he was forced to do. Now he is directing all his power at those whose instructions he had to implement in the past few years…

13. My Spy

David Bautista is in the TOP eighteen good Action movies in theaters.

The movie introduces us to an experienced CIA operative agent named JJ. He knows how to get information. However, the authorities decide to demote him by sending him to monitor the family home whose members may know something important for the CIA.

After a while, JJ sets to work. He puts many hidden cameras when all family members leave the house. Then the main character begins to listen and view all the materials. However, the little girl living in the house manages to discover hidden cameras.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The action of the full-length animated movie takes place in a world where residents constantly compete with each other in speed. And for this reason, they are considered the best runners.

Once an evil Dr. Robotnik begins to develop a plan that can destroy everything dear to the main characters.

12. Free Guy

Guy works in a large bank, and his life seems great. However, gradually, the cashier begins to realize that the world around him is not as beautiful as he is trying to see. The more often he turns his attention to small details, the more he concludes that his life may be an illusion.

The main character conducts his investigation and discovers that the entire world around him is part of a video game. Guy himself is just one element of code. This news changes his whole life.

11. Mulan

The woman warrior is on the list of best english Action movies to watch.

The adventure drama invites its viewers to see a striking story about a very brave and courageous young girl with a great destiny. The plot focuses on a young woman descending from the clan of one of the strongest warriors of her time. She is decisive, energetic, and wants to be like her father in everything.

The action begins when invaders appear from the northern lands. The girl wants to join the army but the Emperor allows only men to serve. However, when the ruler issues a decree that every family must send at least one man to the war, the hero realizes that this is her chance to prove herself.

10. Black Widow

This time, Natasha will have her villain because of which her life was broken in her youth. Once the hero was an ordinary girl but everything changed after the forcible inclusion in the Red Room program, which ultimately turned her into a professional killer. In the past, she managed to be a spy but soon joined those who are fighting evil.

9. Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot is on the list of best modern Action films.

The film’s plot focuses on the very successful, influential, and ambitious businessman Max Lord. He has a cherished dream: to rise above mortals and become the most powerful. To make dream come true, he does spare expenses to collect all kinds of artifacts from all over the world, trying to find the one thanks to which he will be able to master the power.

Doctor Barbara Ann Minerva, an expert in archeology, began to help him in the search. But, quite unexpectedly, a new find that fell into the hands of the doctor transforms her into a formidable, fierce and uncontrollable female cat — the Cheetah. And now, overwhelmed with anger, she wants to take revenge on Lord. Lord does not want to fall into the hands of the Cheetah, so he turns to Wonder Woman for help.

8. Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla, who was buried in the ocean, awakens and heads to the largest Japanese island. A group of journalists, following ancient legends, moves to the island where they discover King Kong. Giant monkey sent to Japan. However, King Kong breaks out of captivity and begins a fight against Godzilla.

7. The King’s Man

The foundation of a secret organization is on the list of TOP 18 best Action movies of 2020 to watch.

Kingsman is a super-spy organization that works for the benefit of humankind away from prying eyes. And one of the first and most talented agents in the organization’s history is Conrad, the young and arrogant son of the Duke of Oxford. Like many of his friends, he dreamed of serving for the good of England, but in the end, he was drawn into the secret world of spies and killers.

6. Artemis Fowl

The fantasy film immerses us in an amazing world that is well hidden from the eyes of strangers. It is located deep underground and hides a lot of interesting and unusual. Creatures that seem fabulous inhabit this place. Here you can meet small but strong gnomes or noble elves. Leprechauns, pixies, and even brownies live in this place.

This is only a small part of the magical creatures living here. However, everything changes when Artemis Fowl discovers this world.

5. Underwater

Kristen Stewartis on the list of really good Action films.

The main characters settle in a unique research station, which is located deep underwater. The depth and advanced equipment allow them to explore the marine world that was previously inaccessible to research. For this reason, the whole team is looking forward to learning something new that has not yet been studied by humanity. However, they do not imagine that they will have to face something truly terrible and dangerous.

4. The Hunt

Twelve strangers come to life in a dense forest. They do not remember what happened to them and how they ended up here. Soon they realize that they became victims of wealthy people who decided to entertain themselves with hunting, in which living people are prey.

However, not all of them are scared. The young girl intends to survive at all costs and get even with the kidnappers. She manages to find a weapon, and now she begins her hunt. Joining forces with other prisoners, the girl goes on the warpath.

3. Tenet

The third place of the list of best modern Action movies.

The main character of the movie is an experienced special agent engaged in only the most dangerous missions. The leadership often sends it on missions that are key to many people. He is not afraid of danger and is ready to risk. However, the agent does not even imagine that he will soon face one of the most important tasks in his life.

One day the hero learns about a conspiracy. After conducting a private investigation, he manages to find out that if he does not destroy the villains, there would be a new world war will. The protagonist of the movie decides to risk his own life to save humanity.

Soon, the main character gains a unique opportunity to travel in time and space. Using this chance, he begins to use the skills acquired over the years to secure the planet.

2. Disturbing the Peace

Ten years ago, Jim Dillon was involved in a showdown with a dangerous criminal. Failing to calculate his actions and failing to predict the behavior of the attacker, the protagonist of the movie was negligent, which led to severe injury to his partner. This event hit James hard. He was unable to cope with this, so he stopped carrying weapons and left the job of the Texas Ranger.

James now lives in a small provincial town and works as a marshal. Once a gang of dangerous criminals appears here. They manage to capture the whole city to carry out a robbery of several million dollars. According to the plan, criminals must hold the locals’ hostage until they complete their work.

1. The Tomorrow War

In the future, aliens will still attack the Earth and will not give people a chance. Having suffered defeat after defeat, humankind makes a desperate attempt to turn the tide and calls in its army soldiers from the past. By the efforts of scientists, they move in time to fight in a new war.

TOP ends now.

By the way, TOP 18 new good Action movies 2020 release dates are already known. You can watch it on the Internet.

Thank you for watching TOP 18 good Action films 2020.

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