IT movie trailer 2017

The first official IT teaser trailer came out on the Net – the new adaptation of the famous novel by Stephen King.

Remake, which directed by Andres Mousquetti (“Mother”) will certainly be compared with the film of 1990, where a terrible clown Pennywise played Tim Curry. Tell by the IT cathedral trailer, whether the new team was able to recreate the atmosphere of horror, which was in the original picture (the picture was the reason why many who watched it, seriously began to fear the clowns) is still difficult.

Penny is still fierce: feels great in the sewer, sends out “tags” – red balls. The main role in the film is played by a young actor Bill Skarsgard (“Divergent”), the son of Stellan Skarsgard. Again to reincarnate in Pennywise was offered to Tim Curry, but he refused, with reference to his complicated health situation.

It is already known that film adaptation will be R-rated (young people under 17 will be allowed to attend public film screening if it accompanied by one of the parents or a legal representative). It is also known that the events in the film occur in 1989, not in 1958, as was written in the novel.

IT movie 2017

According to the new IT official trailer 2017, the story of the remake does not differ from the book: Ten-year-old Billy made his younger brother a paper boat with which he went to play outside. Strong pressure of water washed away the boat into the sewer. Trying to get it, baby George was the victim of a monster who attacked him from drainage of rainwater. After these sad events, a year passed. Billy and some of the boys from his school saw the creature that killed George. Having shared with each other information about the incident, they were able to understand that this monster is responsible for the crimes of recent years. Trying to tell the adults about their guesses, the schoolchildren realized that no one believes them. Then they decided to find the creature on their own. For this, the heroes put an old city map on the scheme, on which all the crime scenes are marked, and realize that it lives in the sewers under the city. Seven friends plan to go down the drain to find the monster and deal with it. However, this idea is so dangerous that all the heroes risk being killed, trying to clear their hometown from mystical evil.

The premiere of the picture is scheduled for September 8, 2017.

We hope that the movie will be as scary as the IT movie trailer 2017.

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