When does come out Death Race 4 movie 2018

The fans of the ever-popular Death Race series have been eagerly waiting for new chapters in the franchise since 2013 — that’s when the latest movie saw the light of day. Also called Death Race: Anarchy, this one is believed to be a sequel to the fan-favored 2008 reboot and not just another story in the universe. Alright, so, when does Death Race 4 come out — do we even know the official date? Rumors talk about January 1, 2018, being the release date, and we’d say that’s a pretty solid claim. Now, don’t mistake this film for the Death Race 2050 movie that’s coming January 17th (2017), the one with the mighty Manu Bennett playing the lead role. Wait, are we getting two DR chapters in the upcoming two years? Yes, we are!

Death Race 4 movie 2018

More Action, Thrill, And Fun

Unfortunately, there isn’t much info about Death Race 4, but that’s understandable because production probably hasn’t even started yet. We do know that they’ll be shooting this blockbuster in Bulgaria, though. As for the movie Death Race 4 trailer, it’s not officially out, while there are tons of fan-made trailers that combine the best action scenes from the previous installments in the series. Don’t mistake those fakes for the real thing but expect a similar mix of craziness, awesomeness and pure fun. The story, the narrative and the characters aren’t really the «moving force» in this genre, and, as long as the team manages to create a killer mix of breath-taking CGI effects and impressive racing, everything will be great.

That Unique Death Race Atmosphere

Now, in all fairness, the folks behind this franchise know exactly what people want to see in a movie like this one and are doing everything in their power to deliver the best experience possible. Don Michael Paul is the director, and that means the project is in good hands. This man has been in the game for 15 years, and, even though his movies weren’t exactly big crowd pleasers, he’s the right director for this film. Now, Jason Statham, the man who portrayed the lead character in the 2008 reboot, is not a part of the cast of the fourth chapter, but he certainly did put the series on the spot. And now, 10 years later, it’s still pretty popular.

Death Race 4

New Faces Vs. The Old-Timers

Ok, let’s see the actors/actresses involved with Death Race 4: first of all, the old fans will be pleased to learn that the legendary Danny Trejo is back, and so is Frederick Koehler. These fellas have been a part of this series from the very beginning. As for Zach McGowan and the beautiful Christine Marzano, they’re still young, striving actors, perfect for a blockbuster like this one. They’re not particularly famous (or world-known as Trejo), true; yet, new faces is exactly what the new DR needs.  And, with the Death Race 4 movie release date in 2018, they’ve got more than enough time to prove their worth.

So, What’s It Gonna Be About?

Sadly, we don’t have any information about the story, but, as mentioned in the beginning, that’s not really important in this genre. What we all need is a mighty shake-up for the franchise and that primal fun at the theaters. It’s already rated R, so, expect some adults-only stuff like violence, foul language, and nudity/sex content. There’s only one downside to the fact that we’ve got two DR movies in a row: if the 2017 release turns out to be a commercial failure, the producers/distributors will, without a doubt, pull the plug on chapter four. On the other hand, if Bennett and the crew deliver a masterpiece, DR4 will get even more funding! Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see. Ok, one last time: when is Death Race 4 coming to theaters in 2018? January 1st, ladies, and gentlemen!

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