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Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie trailer 2017

Having teased us with Kingsman: The Golden Circle teaser trailer, released on Instagram, Fox studio finally showed official trailer for a new picture.

The network has the first official trailer for the movie about special agents by M. Vaughn. Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie trailer 2017 was published on YouTube channel of 20th Century Fox.

According to the plot, the unknown destroy the headquarters of the British secret service. Special agents unite with American intelligence officers to fight a common enemy.

In an interview, director M. Vaughn shared the details of the upcoming film: “I was not completely sure if I wanted to direct the sequel to the original picture. Most of all I was worried about a villain – a film about spies can only succeed if it has a good villain – charismatic, bright. But one morning I woke up and realized that we have a great story and an excellent villain.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie 2017

In the tape will take part T. Edgerton, M. Strong, C. Tatum, J. Moore, J. Bridges and C. Firth. The premiere of the movie is scheduled for September 22, 2017, in the USA.

The film will be the continuation of the first part of the franchise, which was released in January 2015 and became a box-office hit, collecting more than 400 million worldwide. The director of the original tape also was Vaughn.

The movie is based on the graphic novel by M. Millar and D. Gibbons “The Secret Service.” In the center of the plot of the comics and the film is a young man who grew up on the outskirts of London, who inherits from his spy father a place in a secret intelligence organization.

We hope the film will be interesting as new Kingsman: The Golden Circle official trailer 2017.

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