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When does come out Bleeding Steel movie 2017

The new Sci-Fi action movie directed by Lijia Zhang is called “Bleeding Steel”. In the topic below, you will find all known information on the movie, including the answer to the question: “When does Bleeding Steel come out?”

In our time the cinema has developed very much. Every year hundreds of films of different genres are produced. However, despite all this, books also do not go to the background. Movies and books are united by the fact that both have the most popular genre – Sci-Fi.

On the basis of fantastic novels films, various plots are shot – about love, science, the struggle between good and evil. “Harry Potter” by Joan Rowling was sold in millions of copies per hour! The release of every new part of the saga by Stephenie Meyer simply turned the world of cinema upside-down.

Bleeding Steel movie 2017

Why do people love this genre so much?

Films with a fantastic topic differ from films of other genres. In other genres of the film industry, fictitious stories are perceived as real. In fantasy, on the contrary, the events occurring in the film are very different from reality.

The best fantasy is new movies of excellent quality. And this is not only a perfect image but also an excellent sound. Such films amaze spectators with magnificent special effects, unusual heroes and thousands of battles. This is why we love Sci-Fi action movies

When is Bleeding Steel coming to theaters in 2017?

The release of the movie is planned for December 2017.


  • T. Cheung is a cinematographer.
  • J. Edwards is a supervising art director.
  • B. Halsted is an assistant hair stylist.
  • A. Badenoch is unit production manager.

Official Trailer

The movie Bleeding Steel trailer is available. You can enjoy it now.

Bleeding Steel 2017


In this project, a guru of dizzying battle scenes takes part – the legendary ageless Jackie Chan. And, therefore, the viewer expects an hour and a half of spectacular scenes. According to the story, a woman becomes an unwitting witness to a crime committed by a brutal gang of criminals. She is the only witness in the hands of law enforcement agencies, which are going to use the lady at court to banish the villains behind bars for a long time.

The villains, for obvious reasons, do not accept such a situation and are going to remove the obstacle. However, the police also take measures to protect the witness and allocate it best agent for her protection. The agent is not an ordinary person, but rather, on the contrary. He – a revolutionary prototype, in whose organism the elements of metal structures are implanted, giving him undoubted advantages over others. The first time he saw his ward, the man felt a kind of spiritual connection with her – he realizes that they were together in another life. Against the backdrop of vague emotional torments, the agent is forced to protect the woman from scumbags.


Jackie Chan, Tess Haubrich, Callan Mulvey are actors of the film. They characters are not disclosed.

Release Date

Bleeding Steel movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for December 22, 2017, in China. The release of the movie in the world (USA, India, Canada, UK, and others) is unknown.

P.S. Sometimes the fascination with science fiction turns into something not normal. Sometimes it happens that a person, running away from problems, subconsciously moves to another world. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between fiction and the reality. Often, under the guise of a lover of other worlds and unseen creatures, a vulnerable soul is hiding, which is not protected by anything from the outside world.

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