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When does come out Beetlejuice 2 movie 2018

Back in 1988, Mr. Tim Burton created a masterpiece, a true classic of comedy slash fantasy films. Later, a highly successful animated series was greenlit that the man himself produced. Then, in 2012, the officials claimed the long-awaited sequel to the original movie was in the works. So, when does Beetlejuice 2 2018 come out? Next year, that’s for sure: August 17th, to be exact (some sources claim it will arrive in September). The USA and Canadian theaters will get it first; then the film will arrive in the UK, Australia, Germany, and everywhere else. Now, given the fact that it’s been three decades since the first Beetlejuice came out, it would be great to finally check out the sequel in about a year, right?

Beetlejuice 2 movie 2018

Nostalgia Is A Powerful Tool

In 2015, it was announced that the script was finished and that Keaton and Ryder would still be portraying the main characters, which is truly awesome. Later on, Ryder confirmed her involvement with the project. Furthermore, last year, Burton claimed that he wanted to do the movie more than anything else in the world, but he also noted that it has to feel right and that basically, the stars have to be aligned for the team to go forward with it and deliver a new classic. If you’ve seen the ’88 movie when it came out, then the movie Beetlejuice 2 trailer will be incredibly nostalgic for you, bringing back all the sweet memories about the time when films used to be so much different from what we’re seeing today.

Thirty Years In The Making

Again, with Keaton and his partner back at it, it’s safe to say that the true fans of this universe will be excited to see what happened to these characters and what they’ve been up to. Thirty years is a lifetime, and the fact alone that Burton and his colleagues are willing to bet on a movie that the modern-day generation doesn’t even know about deserves a round of applauds. So, basically, nothing concrete is being said yet, but that doesn’t mean the project is frozen or anything like that. Everything goes according to the plan, and when the Beetlejuice 2 movie release date in 2018 finally arrives, you can rest assured that the OGs will appreciate it. True, it’s not gonna be easy to get the youngens to attend the premiere, but a solid marketing plan could just do the trick. We know that Burton is directing the movie, while Katzenberg and Grahame-Smith are working on the story.

Beetlejuice 2 movie

The Original Crew Is Back – It’s Time To Make A Movie!

And, as mentioned above, Keaton and Ryder will get their old roles, while the gifted and insanely popular Chloe Grace Moretz is rumored to play Ryder’s daughter. It seems like the folks behind the sequel want to please both the old fans and the potential new audience by giving space to the elder actors/actresses and the new prodigies. Well, Keaton did win the Oscar for the Birdman role, so that makes him a “hot” celebrity, as they say these days. Alright, that’s the cast for you. We have more than enough supernatural stories about ghosts, monsters, otherworldly beings and even zombies today, but Beetlejuice was one of the first ones, and that’s what makes him special.

He’s a ghost himself, and a human “hired” him to haunt a certain house. And now he’s back for more! Sounds fun, huh? At the same time, some sources claim that it’s just talk and no action. We know that the actors, the director, the writers and some of the producers want to go ahead with it, but, for some reason, we haven’t yet seen the official sequel. Let’s just hope that everything goes smoothly this time around and we do get the chapter #2 that we deserve. August 17th – that’s when is Beetlejuice 2 coming to theaters in 2018.

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