When does come out Skyscraper movie 2018

It is not a secret that action movie will always be the ones that are highly watched by most of the people, especially when it comes to the contemporary ones with the latest and the most improved visual effects. Moreover, we start opening and seeing new young actors who are slowly conquering Hollywood.

Even if the plot of the movie which represents today’s main topic is still kept under the secret except the fact we managed to get a few details about the storyline, the fans already know it is going to be directed by famous wrestler Dwayne Johnson. More specifically, the question is, when does Skyscraper 2018 come out?

Production of the film – has it already started?

Due to the existence of different social networks, we managed to catch an official information about the release date of the mentioned movie. On the official Instagram page, famous wrestler posted a personal picture at the end of March in 2017 which could potentially be the approximate date when they started developing the movie.

Skyscraper movie 2018

“Therock” posted a photo with the official scenario of the movie and even added the official release date in the description that finally gave away some information. According to it, the film is scheduled to be released on July the 13th in 2018. Moreover, they are planning to create best movie Skyscraper trailer to shortly represent the main events of the plot.

The developing of the movie started two years ago, Johnson pointed out, and the actual principal photography is meant to start this summer in August on its very first location – China. Moreover, the wrestler – and now director of the film – says that the main plot focuses on the largest skyscraper in the whole world which appears to ablaze. He also describes his main character as the actor himself also got the male lead role:

  • In this movie, well-known wrestler plays disabled former War Veteran from the United States.
  • According to the info given by Dwayne himself, the wife and a few kids of the character he represents are stuck on the top floor of the mentioned building in China.
  • Moreover, through the film, his main character appears to work in FBI in the past as a rescuer leading the team as a hostage.

Skyscraper movie

  • On the actual Skyscraper movie release date in 2018, the viewers will notice that the character of the director is inspired by many disabled veterans of war who have managed to become the heroes and pride of the United States of America.
  • Dwayne Johnson said that whilst developing brand new project he had the unique opportunity to shake the hands of many American heroes to get to know those wonderful people better.
  • Despite that fact that the movie cast is still partly kept under the secret, from the words of Dwayne himself we know that his main character represents all those people who are ready to do everything in order to save and protect the ones they love more than life.

The main researches that are necessary for the developing successful and interesting movie became number one education for the Rock. He managed to meet some well-known persons such as the architects of the skyscraper in China not to mention his long and breathtaking meetings with former American warriors and US disabled veterans.

All things considered, when is Skyscraper coming to theaters in 2018, it will have a huge success according to the feedbacks of the fans and well-known movie critics. But for now, all we can do to be able to see some more details of the upcoming project is to follow the pages of the actors on social media as they promise to post some really interesting and never shown before behind-the-scenes funny pictures.

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