When does come out Breathe movie 2017


Surprisingly but sometimes life can bring people unexpected surprises and different changes. Some upcoming in 2017 movies are not the exceptions. This time brand new project in the industry of films is a beautiful film that was directed by Andy Skeris. In fact, this film is even more that just a piece of pictures – this is a biographical movie that also got their financing from BBC Films. So, when does Breathe come out?

To be able to thoroughly answer that main question coming from viewers, it is worth to describe the story line of the movie first, as well as the actors and actresses who made a decision to cooperate and take the participation in the recent movie of Skeris. Hopefully, their hard work will bring amazing results and accomplishments in the film industry and get mostly positive feedbacks from the views and critics. So, why this biographical film is one of the most expected ones in 2017? Let’s take a look at the plot.

Breathe movie 2017

Storyline – the life of Robin Cavendish

Even if the proper movie Breather trailer hasn’t been released yet, we can make our own predictions about the upcoming project as it represents the story of Robin Cavendish. Robin was a British advocate for disabled or paralyzed people who also managed to become a developer of many medical treatments and aids for people with similar illnesses as his. Moreover, he became one of the longest-lived people with ventilators that help such persons to breathe in case they are not able to do that by themselves anymore. They are also called responauts.

According to the plot and real life story of Robin, at the age 28, he was affected by polio, also known as infantile paralysis which causes the muscle weakness. Unfortunately, he was paralyzed from his neck all the way down which was the main reason why he had huge problems with breathing so that he had to do it only with the help of a special mechanical ventilator. Despite that fact that the doctors said he would live for only three months more, Robin tried to ignore that as if he already knew it wasn’t true and he was going to live much longer for such weak person life. The biographical movie about him also mentions his beloved wife Diana and how she dedicated her whole life to Robin. Together they head to the different places in the world to be able to give disabled people the opportunity to transform their lives drastically.

So, speaking of Breathe movie release date in 2017, the producers of the film has decided to schedule it for the 13th of October.

Breathe movie

Interesting facts

When it comes to some interesting facts about this upcoming movie, you will be definitely surprised to hear that the son of Robin was actually the producer of the project. He actually runs the company along with the director of this biographical movie. Also, when it comes to the cast of it, the actors who played the main characters – Garfield and Foy – gave their own opinions about the people there were going to play on the big screen:

  • “Robin is the person who had to struggle with the everyday issues other people do normally – bathing and eating. However, when is Breather coming to theaters in 2017 you will be still able to see that Diana and Robert loved each other and value spending romantic moments together”
  • “Diana is the Robin’s best access to the whole world around him. I didn’t want to make her look like an angel because it wouldn’t have been real – we just showed their real love”.

Also, Garfield confirmed that he spent some time with the real family of Robin, including his real wife, to be able to feel that atmosphere, absorb it and catch something from the interesting personality of Robin.

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