When does come out John Wick 3 movie 2018

The Man, the Myth, and the Legend – this is all about John Wick. In 2014 the first date about this man, who became a legend, was released. There were lots of action scenes with the bunch of martial arts and even anime. And that was one of the main reasons why this film was so loved by people from all over the world. It made the producers think about to continue the trilogy and make it even more interesting than the first one.

So when does John Wick 3 come out? In 2017 the last film about Wick (the second part) was successfully released in the USA and other countries. In this film, the plot still follows one of the best and the most mysterious hitmen from all over the world. Just like the first part, it has received positive feedbacks and comments from world-famous critics which only increases and proves that new movie with Keanu Reeves. But is there some information about third part?

John Wick 3 movie 2018

All the eyes on the main actor and his unforgettable style of a dangerous assassin. This was so impressive to the critics so recently there has been a rumor about making the third part of famous neo-noir thriller. It hasn’t been confirmed yet so unfortunately, we still don’t know about movie John Wick 3 trailer neither its release date. However, it is predictable that it might appear on the world screens just in a time of a few years. Even if such information and set details are still not available to us we can come back to the previous films and make a guess – are their plots connected to the new movie?

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Development and interesting facts about first two sequels

The interesting facts about first two movies with famous Canadian actor Keanu Reeves are:

    • Chad Stahelski, who directed both parts of a trilogy about mysterious man John, worked with Keanu back in 1991 on the film called Point Break.
    • Intense training was the main part of the preparations for principal photography. Fortunately, Keanu already had very rich experience in fight training and doing martial arts. He had to learn them for starring in 47 Ronin, Matrix, and other similar action films. As he says in person, he had to work with lots of different people whilst weapons training and also took some lessons of professional car driving. As we can see, it is not that easy to be an actor.
    • Before getting the information about John Wick 3 2018 movie release date, let’s talk about the video game that was made after the first one was available to watch in the theaters and cinemas. The video game Payday 2 made a decision to add a new character – marvelous Wick – who was supposed to be the very first person shooter in that game. Such content was included in the free update of a game as they were celebrating having more than one million members.
    • When it comes to the cast of the first film, it was such an honor to Keanu to play with Willem Dafoe and other stars. He also says about his own character describing him as a man with a rich history behind, complicated relationships in the past and the pain after his beloved wife dies. He is the honor amongst thieves and a king of a criminal world that even make some serious people shake when they see him. Keanu also points out that it is very interesting to play when your main character, as well as the other heroes, has a very rich backstory that changes everything.
    • Reeves managed to make most of the stunts in the film by his own – this is the power of intensive training.
    • When is John Wick 3 2018 coming to theaters people will probably notice that John likes combining different styles of fighting and shooting.
  • There is a tattoo on the main character back saying “Fortis Fortuna Aduivat” which can be translated as Fortune helps those who take risks.
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