When does come out Jungle Book movie 2018

The next movie that we are going to discuss is an American adventure – “Jungle Book”. The movie is based on the cult book of the same name by R. Kipling. In the topic below, you will find all known answers on the movie, including the main one: “When does Jungle Book come out?”

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Production and Creators

Initially, the film was scheduled to be released on October 6, 2017, but the studio “Warner Bros.” decided to shift the film on autumn 2018, which delighted the director A. Serkis: “I am extremely inspired by such a solution of “Warner Bros.” The movie is an extremely complex and ambitious project, and the more time we have, the more opportunities we have to bring it to the ideal. Every minute is important for us now.” The director added that he plans to achieve the most realistic images of animals due to a talented film crew and a high level of actors.

  • N. Sawhney is a composer of the movie.
  • M. Seresin is a director of photography.
  • M. Sanger is a film editor.
  • G. Freeman is a production designer.
  •  J. Knox-Johnston is a supervising art director.
  • A. Botha and R. Giovannetti are set decorators.
  • A. Byrne is a costume designer.

When is Jungle Book 2018 coming to theaters?

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The movie will appear on the screen in autumn 2018.

About Kipling and his Book

In order to tell grown-up children about the complexity of life in modern society, one should go to the Sioni Mountains of the late nineteenth century. It was at this time that Joseph Rudyard Kipling threw a human child to the inhabitants of the Indian jungle. Here you can encounter a whole gallery of vices and virtues. The flattery of the Tabaqui jackal is always filled with the venom of malevolence, and the vindictiveness of the character of the tiger Shere Khan, who claims to be the main villain, is due to his carefully concealed complexes.

She-wolf Mother accepted under her protection the human child, instinctively regretting the baby. Then she immediately thinks about how much the child will be useful in the future for her own children. Wolf the Father does not even think about such trifles – he is simply in love with his Raksha and will fulfill any of her whims, even if it is necessary to defend the right to life of a boy against the whole pack.

“The Jungle Book” consists of a series of animalistic stories written in a vivid expressive language. The author knows exactly how the family of wolves wakes up at dawn, stretching their paws from sleep. The swarthy boy confidently pushes the wolf cubs to burrow into the cozy warmth of gray wool. The mastery of Kipling was already appreciated by his contemporaries: he became the first English writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize.  Kipling is fascinating and unique. The only thing that can be slightly annoying is the echoes of his Masonic ideas about the structural hierarchy in society: the right to absolute power and leadership only for the special, the rest must follow their will for their own good. But due to the author’s talent, everything is veiled and said unobtrusively.


The movie Jungle Book trailer is not available now. It will come closer to the movie release.


The main character of the movie is a little boy – all alone in the wild jungle. Accidentally, he was found by a wolf and brings to her newly born cubs. Animal instinct makes the she-wolf take care of the boy, feed and protect from the dangers trapping him in the wild jungle conditions. A few years later, Mowgli grows up and becomes kind and fair. He has friends Bear Balu, panther Bagheera and boa Kaa who taught him to methods of hunting and survival. Growing up, Mowgli gets a chance to become the leader of the animals, but the tiger Shere Khan has his own plans on this matter.


  • R. Chand as Mowgli
  • N. Harris as a voice of Raksha
  • B. Cumberbatch as a voice of Shere Khan
  • C. Bale as a voice of Bagheera
  • C. Blanchett as a voice of Kaa
  • M. Rhys as John Lockwood

Release Date

Jungle Book 2018 movie release date is planned for October 19, 2018, in the USA.

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