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When does come out Madagascar 4 movie 2018

Cartoon “Madagascar” appeared on the wide screens in 2005. The creators of the project did not expect that the box office 10 times higher than the budget of the cartoon. On the wave of success, the company DreamWorks Animation released a trilogy, narrating about the adventures of the main characters. Surprisingly, in addition to full-length films, secondary characters (penguins and charismatic King Julian) found their place in the series. Conversations about the filming of “Madagascar 4” were ongoing back in 2010 but everything remained at the stage of rumors. Confirmation of the beginning of work on the continuation of the project appeared on the network 24 months later, after the appearance of the third part of the franchise. It was reported by J. Katzenberg. In the topic below, we will try to answer the main question: “When does Madagascar 4 come out?” including all known details on the movie.

When is Madagascar 4 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will come on the screen in spring 2018.

Madagascar 4 movie 2018

Additional information

The trilogy “Madagascar” has become one of the most successful for the DreamWorks Animation bosses, box office worldwide exceeded three billion dollars, and this is what initiated the creation of the fourth cartoon.

For four long years the studio management could not have started to create a new “Madagascar”, first of all, it was connected with work on no less popular projects, such as “Kung Fu Panda”, now the fourth part is being developed, also sequel to “Dream keepers” which will be released in 2018, and the universe of the popular mega cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon”.

In autumn of 2016, the fourth part of the cartoon “Madagascar”, according to the management of the studio, officially received the status of post-production.


The movie Madagascar 4 trailer is not available. It will come closer to the release of the fourth picture.


Events develop around the inhabitants of one of the zoos in New York. Here are bosom friends who have never seen wildlife. The king of beasts Alex, zebra Marti, long-necked Melman and the beguiling Gloria, so different animals get along well and always try to support each other. Marty’s desire to live in the wild brings friends to the jungles of Madagascar, where they will repeatedly test friendship for strength. In subsequent parts, the heroes will visit Africa and Europe, experiencing funny and exciting adventures.

Madagascar 4 movie

The film will provide a great musical accompaniment. A funny cartoon that is suitable for both children and adults.

You should not go to the cinema, it is better to look at home with your family and in a cozy atmosphere. In the end, we are waiting for a wonderful Happy End.

What story tells the viewer “Madagascar 4” is still a mystery. In addition, the name of the director who will work on creating the cartoon is also unknown. The only thing that can be said with certainty is the invariable composition of the main characters. Penguins also remain in the history because they have most of the humor in the cartoon.

By the way, they even have a separate ten-minute video on the theme of Christmas.

The fourth part promises to at the same level as previous parts.


The main roles will be voiced by popular Hollywood actors – B. Stiller, J. Pinkett Smith, C. Rock, S. Cohen and D. Schwimmer.

Release Date

Madagascar 4 2018 movie release date was first scheduled for May 2018, in the USA. The exact day is unknown. But according to new information, the studio changed the date and now the movie has to come out only in 2019. There is no information on month and day.

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