When does come out Playmobil movie 2019

The next movie that we are going to discuss is called Playmobil. The director of the picture is Lino DiSalvo. In the topic below you will find all necessary information about the movie and also the answer to the question: “When does Playmobil 2019 come out?”

At the end of 2014, the European film company On Entertainment bought rights to a Lego film competitor based on Playmobil designers, invested $ 80 million in production, and requested its development to Bob Persichetti from DreamWorks Animation.


The movie will be directed by DiSalvo and it is his debut after seventeen years at Disney. He is known for his work on “Frozen” (animation director) — the highest-grossing cartoon. Di Salvo is also known for “Tangled.”

Playmobil movie 2019

“Working at Disney, I grew up as a professional and learned a lot,” says DiSalvo. “As a father and filmmaker, I’m incredibly pleased with the opportunity to create a picture of my son’s favorite toys.”

The script is written by B. Hemingway.

When is Playmobil coming to theaters in 2019?

The film will appear on screen only in the beginning of the year.

About Playmobil

World-famous Playmobil toys are still produced only in Germany at a family production near Nuremberg. The main feature of these toys is that it is traditional toys, understandable to children of all ages. They not only help in the development of fine motor skills and fantasy but also introduce children to different aspects of people’s lives. In Germany, these toys are a matter of national pride. In every family where there are children, you can find a Playmobil toy.

The first line of toys Playmobil, which brought together the figures of knights, Native Americans, and builders, appeared in 1974. It was invented by the German carpenter Hans Beck, who wanted to release a line of airplanes model, and in response received an offer to come up with a designer. After a while, the toys won the audience’s love and gained enough popularity, and in 1975 they began to be sold all over the world. Since then, more than 2.7 billion sets of Playmobil have been sold and even a couple of unsuccessful cartoons based on motives have been shot.


The movie Playmobil trailer is now available. You can see it right now.

Playmobil movie

Production of the toys

For example, the castle of the princess consists of 592 separate parts. There are about 400 die casting machines in production. Each machine produces one or another part of the toy, whether it is a ladder or a window. Some parts are made in the printing house before they get into the packaging. As soon as all the details are ready and the toys are delivered from Malta, where a part of the product is manufactured, the toy on the conveyor gathers in blue boxes. Employees put individual parts or sets in boxes. The special machine controls that all necessary details are available.

And now Playmobil is ready! Together with other sets of Playmobil toys go to the warehouse, and from there they go to the store shelves and children’s rooms around the world. From the idea to the finished product runs from two to three years.


It is too early to speak about the cast. The creators are not yet determined with the cast.

Release date

In the United States, Playmobil movie release date in 2019 is scheduled for January 18 and will be released by Open Road Films.

In the United Kingdom, the picture will be shown on February 10, 2019.

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