When does come out Rendel movie 2017

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“Rendell” is a film of 2017, the Finns are engaged in the production of which. From this, it follows that the future picture will appear before the audience at least in gloomy stylistics because without this component not a single movie shot primarily for residents of Suomi. By and large, Finnish cinema is known only to critics, people attending festivals and pretentious movie fans, whereas for all other (simple spectators) such a phrase can provoke a questioning reaction. If you want to know all the information on the movie, including the main question: “When does Rendel come out?” – welcome!


  • Jesse Haaja is a director of the film.

It is noteworthy that Jesse Haaja, the project director, in addition to the production chair, also took the post of editor and costume designer. Of course, the main screenwriter – also Jesse, but other people help him too. Well, the production of the tape, Jesse took over, although in the end, shared the duties of the producer at once for several people, since he himself is still a debutante in the movie.

Rendel movie 2017

  • T. Lasola is a composer.
  • T. Saikkonen is a cinematographer.
  • E. Naukkarinen is an art director.
  • L. Puntanen is a costume designer.

When is Rendel coming to theaters in 2017?

The release is scheduled for the end of September 2017.

Who is Rendel?

Someone named Jesse Haaja, being a schoolboy, still at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries represented his fictional character as a superhero invented for comic books. Surely, it was also the first superhero that comes from Finland. At the very least, most people, who read comic books and often watch films, have never encountered a man from Finland who has superpowers.

So, Jesse Haaja was quite excited about the idea that he (almost twenty years had passed since the hero was invented) could not stop thinking – the idea of ​​ sharing it with other people. At some point, Jesse decided that it would be a film. The director still cannot believe that now he is busy producing the first Finnish film about the superhero and before that he had presented his vision to the professionals of the film business at the Cannes Film Festival.

Official Trailer

The movie Rendel trailer is available. You can watch it on the YouTube.

Why you should watch “Rendel”

During the production of the budget has increased more than once. The thing is that Jesse Haaja wanted to live out all the groundwork, and for this, it was necessary to find a considerable amount of money. At this point in time, post-production is coming to an end, while shooting began three years ago (in 2014).

While it is not known exactly where the premiere of the film will take place, which, however, is already interesting to a lot of spectators. For sure, the film will be something like “Iron Sky” by Timo Vuorensola, who, like Jesse Haaja, was determined to create an unusual comedy with black humor, fascists and the action that unfolded in space. That’s only in our case, the main character will be a superhero, who is full of darkness and hate.


According to the plot of the film, the main character is a man without a past, because he tries to forget about what was before. In the past, something terrible had happened to him, and now he became Rendel, and numerous thoughts about revenge are racing his mind. Hate leads a superhero to the fact that he gets unlimited power, which he still needs learn how to control.


  • Kristofer Gummerus as Rendel / Rämö
  • Rami Rusinen as Rotikka
  • Renne Korppila          as Lahtaaja
  • Matti Onnismaa as Mr. Erola
  • Johnny Vivash as Radek

Release Date

Rendel movie release date in 2017 is planned for September 22, 2017, in Finland.

The approximate release date in the world (Canada, USA, India, the UK and many others) is scheduled for September 22, 2017.

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