When does come out Woodshock movie 2017

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It is a hypnotic art-house drama with Kirsten Dunst. Directors and screenwriters of the film were the sister designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, for whom “Woodshock” is the film debut. Here you find the main answer to the question: “When does Woodshock come out?” Together with the main question, here, you will find detailed information on the movie. Let’s go!


For long time information about the director’s debut of the sisters Kate and Laura, the creative directors of Rodarte, was kept secret. The other day on the official page of the brand was published the trailer of their first film – a fantastic drama “Woodshock” with Kirsten Dunst in the title role.

  • P. Raeburn is a composer.
  • P. Flinckenberg is a cinematographer.
  • J. Bloch and D. Jonsäter are film editors.
  • K.K. Barrett is a production designer.
  • C. Diano is an art director.
  • F. Martin is a set decorator.

Woodshock movie 2017

When is Woodshock coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will come out in the middle of the September 2017.

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Official Trailer

The movie Woodshock trailer is now available. In a short video, the actress wanders around the abandoned outskirts of the city and forest trails. The atmosphere of the trailer is similar to the mood of the first collection of designers. Then the inspiration for the spring-summer 2006 collection was the youth of Northern California, the 60s and the endless Muir Woods, one of the main attractions of San Francisco. Small suburban houses, old cars, dilapidated stations do not disclose any details of the plot, but they convey a gloomy and fantasy atmosphere of drama, somewhat similar to Gus Van Sant’s latest work “The Sea of ​​Trees”.

Woodshock movie


In the film, Theresa cannot stand the loss of the mother. It is impossible to get used to, the girl is indignant and weeps, unable to find the strength to accept reality. The weakness of the spirit pushes the heroine to take a dose of a psychotropic potion, then the girl plunges into the exclusion zone, closing herself from the past, but it is impossible to wrest tragic moments from memory.

Why is fate unfair and she had to say goodbye forever to closest man. The heroine thievishly looks at the universe, she is ready to whine and run, but no strength, because she is hopelessly tired. The confused person waits for silence, where there are no sorrows and troubles so that the heart does not feel pain, but there is no miracle, only light reflects the mirage. The sufferer, like a migratory bird, beats a wing in a glass, striving for an impossible freedom.


  • Kirsten Dunst as Theresa
  • Lorelei Linklater as Jenny
  • Pilou Asbæk as Keith
  • Joe Cole as Nick

Release Date

Woodshock movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for September 15, 2017, in the USA.

The world premier (Canada, India, UK, and others) is planned for the same date.

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