When does come out The Forest of Hands and Teeth movie 2018

The movie “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” will come only in 2018. The book on which the movie is based on is referring to the literature category of young adult and had been on the list of best-selling.  If you want to know all information, concerning the film and also, the answer to the main question: “When does The Forest of Hands and Teeth come out?” you should look through the topic below.


K. Maberly, who is responsible for staging and adaptation of the script. Her film career began as an actress, making her debut in “Mystic Garden” by Agnieszka Holland.

Doug Liman, who supervises the production of the movie, notes that in the past year, during which the work on the project was carried out, Kate has matured as an “extraordinary storyteller”.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth movie 2018

When is The Forest of Hands and Teeth 2018 coming to theaters?

There is no information on this question. Maybe, it will appear closer to 2018.

About the Book

Pretty grim book and what should be expected from the history of the inhabitants of a small village surrounded by zombies, or as they are called here – wicked. It is hard to surprise and conquer me because it is not the first time I found a book about these creatures.

The plot, in principle, is not trivial, but not original. We have a village where people are trying to live a normal life, to create a family, despite the fact that everywhere walking dead and people are confident that beyond the forest of Hands and Teeth, as they call it, there is no life. As in many dystopias here, people have no freedom of choice, they are inclined to the opinion of the Sisters, who, they believe, knows how to do. And lives a girl named Mary among these people, whose mother always told tales about the ocean, giving faith and hope in a brighter future. And throughout the book, we can see how Mary is fighting for her dream. We can be proud of her, because having lost so many loved ones, she does not cease to believe. But at the same time, she cannot be understood …

Throw the only people she knows, who survived, in order to see the ocean, while not knowing exactly where it is and whether it exists at all. She set a goal and achieved it, of course, it was not without its price… And touching this subject, I will say that the ending of the book disappointed me. She had reached the ocean and saw with her own eyes what was represented throughout her life … Where delight, where a storm of emotions, incredible feeling…Where is it? She was going alone to it and achieved it but I did not see any emotion from her. More precisely, they were, but not as colorful as I would like.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth


The movie The Forest of Hands and Teeth trailer is not in a public access.


The film tells the story about Mary (this role is offered to Williams), existing in near future where humanity was struck by a zombie virus, turn the planet into a haven for bloodthirsty cannibals. The heroine has to assume the role of leader of the group of survivors to find a new habitat outside protected by a high fence of the settlement. The way leads through the dark jungle of forest of Hands and Teeth, hiding the truth, which the villagers of Mary concealed.


M. Williams will play a major role in the adaptation of the debut book of C. Ryan. She is a favorite of many fans of “Game of Thrones”, and has starred in the new season of “Doctor Who”. Among her latest full-length projects lists the family comedy “Gold”, the drama “The Falling” and the thriller “Cyberbully”.

Release Date

The Forest of Hands and Teeth 2018 movie release date is unknown, in the USA. The exact information will appear closer to 2018.

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