When does come out World War Z 2 movie 2018

Continuation of the legendary horror film “World War Z”. In the topic below, you will find all necessary information on the movie.


Director Marc Forster and the film company “the Paramount” publicly declared that they are going to work on shooting picture “World War Z 2”, and the film will be a trilogy. The sequel to the film promises to be one of the highest grossing in the filmography of Brad Pitt, as creators did not expect such success of the thriller: “World War Z” has collected one hundred and twelve million dollars in the first weekend after the world premiere on June 21, 2013. Marc Forster had originally planned not to delay shooting of the picture sequel, as it became known in January 2012:

“We see the novel “World War Z” solely as a trilogy – a cross between realistic severe series of feature films about Jason Bourne and the modern view of “The Walking Dead.”.

World War Z 2 movie 2018

But work on the highly anticipated first part was very hard, so the producers and the crew decided not to do a franchise. But after the successful premiere, after all, it was decided that the “World War Z 2” will be a part of the trilogy.

Brad Pitt about the filming of the sequel:

“We talked a lot about it and spent a lot of time at the round table in the company of many filmmakers to understand how this zombie world works. I can confidently say that the second part will be. But first, we need to get the rights to the script.”

When is World War Z 2 2018 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information.

Problems with director

The main problem faced by the new film is the search for a director. What directors would take the director’s chair in a multimillion-dollar project?

Initially, was considered Marc Forster, who put the first part and wanted to film sequel but because of his conflict with Brad Pitt, the director had to say goodbye to work.

For a long time in Hollywood cruised rumors that the honored place at the head of the production process takes Brad Pitt, who has long dreamed of trying his hand at directing.

At the time of the announcement of the release date, as the director considered Juan Antonio Bayona but in 2016, it became known that the Spaniard left the project.

In August 2016, it was reported that Brad Pitt is trying to involve to the shooting his longtime friend and famed director David Fincher.

Paramount unlikely to entrust such an impressive project to Pitt himself but the involvement of David Fincher seems to be more than a good idea. The fact is that in Hollywood, Fincher has an almost impeccable reputation, and therefore he could create “candy” even out of the mountain of special effects and genre clichés.

On assurances of insiders, Brad Pitt and Fincher have already met to discuss details of the plot, but the director is still doubted about his interest in the project. After a series of problems that rushed on Fincher during the work on “Alien 3”, the famous master swore never to shoot sequels.

There is no information on the cast: in addition to Pitt on the list of project participants only listed Cristian Lazar. Whether Mireille Enos and Daniel Cortes return to their roles is not known.

On the script of future zombie hit job D. Kelly and S. Knight, and for the producer’s functions are now responsible D. Ellison and D. Gardner.

World War Z 2 movie

Interesting facts and the trailer of the film

The movie World War Z 2 trailer is available and you can watch on the YouTube.

The sequel, despite the problems with the production, is still considered one of the most anticipated films of 2017. Here are the most interesting facts and rumors concerning the future premiere:

  • If David Fincher agrees to take the director’s chair, post-apocalyptic tape will be his fourth experience of cooperation with Brad Pitt;
  • Rumored to be sequel budget will grow to $ 220 million, even for the modern blockbuster is considered a huge amount;
  • Production of the sequel, like the original picture will be engaged in two studios: the company Paramount and Plan B (which, incidentally, belongs to B. Pitt);
  • The first part was the highest grossing film in the career of B. Pitt, the actor has high expectations of the second part.

Tip: Before going to the premiere of the sequel, you should read “World War Z” by Max Brooks, on which the film is based on.

Problems with the directors and scenarios to evoke pessimistic fans thought: most likely, the release date will have to change because now the studio is not even released any information on the movie. However, while Brad Pitt is interested in filming, “World War Z» can count on a big and expensive sequel!

Release Date

World War Z 2 2018 movie release date is unknown but creators assure that the movie will come in 2018, in the USA.

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