When does come out To the Bone movie 2017


Marti Noxon, the woman behind the legendary Buffy, is back with a brand-new movie, a drama slash comedy. To The Bone is a modern-day story that follows Ellen, a young woman who’s desperately trying to win her battle with anorexia. She’s quite desperate and doesn’t really know what to do, but, thankfully, the girl soon comes across a rather peculiar doc who makes her embrace who she truly is. Ok, when does To the Bone come out, can we expect it to hit the theaters in 2017? Absolutely! Well, not quite: Netflix, the big-bad TV/movie giant, acquired exclusive distribution rights back in January, which means this film will not be available at the movie theaters – only online. The release date is July 14th, which is like a month away from now. To The Bone will be available on an international scale, and that includes – obviously – America, Canada, the United Kingdom, India (yep, it’s available there) and pretty much every other country on planet Earth.

To the Bone movie 2017

No Trailers – Only An Eating Disorder Video

So, even though July 14th is right upon us, Netflix didn’t provide any officials trailers, which means they probably never will. It’s actually a pity because the movie To the Bone trailer could’ve been awesome, judging by the facts that we already know about it. However, there is an educational video where the main actors/actresses (we’ll check them out next) talk about the importance of fighting eating disorder and the gruesome consequences of going on with your life without putting out a proper fight. This is a health crisis and needs to be dealt with accordingly. As for the movie, it’s focused on the challenges and misfortunes of a young actress whose ups and downs in life lead her to anorexia and the struggles that made a great impact on her well-being. So, who’s the actress who was lucky enough to get this career-defining role?

The Cast

Lily Collins, dear friends, the lovely actress that we’ve seen in numerous movies, the dashing girl with a beautiful smile and a lovely attitude. True, she’s the daughter of the legendary Phil Collins but that doesn’t make her achievements any less impressive. The cast also includes the iconic Keanu Reeves, who’s playing the doctor who shows the girl how to love herself and how to handle the dire situation that she’s in. Kathryn Prescott, Carrie Preston, and many other talented actors/actresses are also a part of the movie. But, of course, Collins is the start of this film and her acting is of huge importance, as you can’t expect a character-based movie to be successful when the lead role is lacking expression, and, let’s say, truthfulness. Yet, fortunately, Lily did an awesome job with this one and delivered an Oscar-worthy performance; as did Mr. Reeves, by the way.

To the Bone 2017

An Important Movie For The Modern-Day Generations

To the Bone movie release date in 2017 is, again, July 14th, and that means you gotta buy a monthly subscription to Netflix in the beginning of the next month to be able to check it out the day it becomes available. Hands down, the fans of thought-provoking, educational, touching and moving dramas will find Noxon’s new masterpiece well worth their while. Despite the fact that the problem of anorexia is quite serious and resonating, she still managed to turn To The Bone into a fun, exciting story. And that, in our opinion, is the biggest achievement for the whole crew. By the way, the director herself has experienced eating disorder in the past, so this is kinda like a personal movie for her. Ok, we know when is To the Bone coming to theaters in 2017, who will play the lead role, and what the movie is going to be about. And that’s more than enough to get us hyped up!

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