TOP 15 new good Crime movies 2020 release

In crime movies, heroes often act as bloody killers or bandits. Mainly, an interesting crime movie reveals the topic of corruption, ruthlessness, the power of money, and other no less urgent problems. They often intersect with the most unexpected genres, such as science fiction, and horror.

Today we are going to present you TOP 15 best english Crime movies 2020 to watch.

We begin!

List of TOP 15 good Crime films

15. The Last Days of American Crime

Soon, the US authorities will completely deal with all crime with the help of an innovative system of control over consciousness, which will eradicate thoughts about illegal actions: no one else dares to commit an illegal act. Robberies must cease to exist in a few days! On the horizon, you can see a peaceful, calm, and safe life for all citizens.

Meanwhile, Graham Bricke decides to take his last chance, hoping to atone for his previous setbacks. He, together with a team consisting of his partners Kevin and Shelby, plans to commit a robbery. There is very little time left, they need to act quickly. Will this crime be the most enchanting in the history of America?

14. Capone

Tom Hardy is on the list of best modern Crime films.

Al Capone is a thunderstorm of the criminal world, a person living according to his own rules and principles, not reckoning with others, and imagining himself immortal. He instilled fear not only in the civilian population. His actions terrified both criminals and law enforcement officers. However, once the police still managed to bring the bandit to justice, in the end, they put him in jail for a long time. Nevertheless, by a lucky coincidence, Al Capone was again at large. Only now, he appeared in the image of a miserable man. How did the most daring Chicago gangster spend the rest of his days?

13. Death on the Nile

Hercule Poirotis on the list of good english Crime movies.

Until recently, Jacqueline de Bellefort was engaged to poor guy Simon Doyle, but she did not marry him at all but her best friend Linnet Ridgeway did. However, the newlyweds’ romantic cruise on a steamboat along the Nile with guests was overshadowed by the murder of Linnet.

Almost all passengers of the ship were interested in the death of a young and very rich woman, except for the famous detective Hercule Poirot, who was among the guests at the invitation of Jacqueline.

12. Force of Nature

The destructive force of nature is approaching Puerto Rico in the form of a category 5 hurricane with a wind speed of one hundred and sixty miles per hour, which destroys everything in its path. In houses on the coast is an urgent evacuation of residents. Police officer Cardillo and his new partner Jess are given the task to go around the apartment building and urgently evacuate all the remaining residents, but they encounter a stubborn pensioner named Ray who is not going to leave his apartment.

However, the former police officer will still have to leave home because of an armed gang of robbers who were about to pull off a heist. The hurricane is a good cover but the gang did not expect to face police officers in an empty house.

11. Birds of Prey

Harley Queen is in the TOP 15 best new Crime movies 2020.

The feature film continues to talk about the dangerous adventures of reckless supervillain. After breaking up with the Joker, about which Harley Queen loudly declared, a real hunt begins for her, because for a long time she was an inviolable person under the protection of the Joker. Frankly, it turned out that she was not alone in seeking liberation, and not alone in her struggle against the supervillain Black Mask.

10. The Woman in the Window

After the tragedy that happened in the life of the child psychologist Anna Fox, she developed a fear of open spaces. The hero refused to work and shut herself in the apartment. Since then, she leads a reclusive lifestyle. A former psychologist spends her days reading literature and a television show. Occasionally, she communicates over the phone with her parents and generally enjoys seclusion.

Once Anna finds a new entertainment – looking out the window, she watches the life of her neighbors. The object of observation, the hero chose a family who recently settled in the house opposite. Spouses who seemed like a perfect couple always fought. Another fight ends with the murder and makes Anna an involuntary witness.

9. Disturbing the Peace

Jim Dillon’s mission is on the list of best english Crime movies to watch.

Many years ago, ex-ranger Jim Dillon accidentally wounded a partner during a hostage release operation. The tragic incident had a serious impact on the man. Since then, Jim decided to exclude all contacts with weapons and moved to the province. A new home for him was the suburb of Horse Cave. However, shortly, fate will force the hero to arm himself again, because the security issues of many citizens, including Jim himself, will depend on this. A gang of bikers invades Horse Cave under the auspices of the cruel Diablo, eager to concentrate in his hands all the power in the city.

8. Spenser Confidential

Spenser is an ordinary cop who faithfully served his homeland. One ill-fated day, he is framed and sentenced to imprisonment. In prison, many are trying to kill him and in every possible way to avenge the fact that he put them behind bars. It seems that after release, life will improve. However, upon release, the girlfriend breaks up with Spenser, and because of his past work, most of his entourage consists of enemies.

Following this, the former boxing trainer asks Spenser to help train the new young fighter Hawke. Over time, they will know each other better, and Spenser shares his secret about how he was framed.

7. The Last Thing He Wanted

International conspiracy is on the list of TOP 15 best Crime movies of 2020 to watch.

The movie tells the story of Elena McMahon. Elena, a successful journalist at the Washington Post, one of the most popular newspapers in the country. However, after the death of her mother, she is forced to leave work to look after her elderly father. By a strange coincidence, this sad moment fell on the US presidential election, around which there is a fierce information war. Soon, the girl learns that her father Dick McMahon in the past was engaged in the supply of weapons to the regions of Central America, and she turns out to be an involuntary participant in the international conspiracy and political intrigues initiated by the CIA and the main figures of the state.

6. Arkansas

In the center of the crime drama’s storyline are two comrades – Kyle and Swin live in the mansion of a major drug dealer, at the same time they never crossed paths with him: all recommendations for further actions are sent exclusively to the phone.

For a long time, the main characters of the picture lived peacefully: good earnings provided them with a comfortable life, full of entertainment and drink, but once everything changed. The reason for it was a deal that went wrong. Now they need to make a difficult choice: start fighting for their lives or flee…

5. Deep Water

Strange disappearance is on the list of really good Crime films.

Spouses Vic and Melinda Van Allen support life in a fading marriage with the help of lovers. Everything changes when people begin to die because of their behavior.

4. Police

The movie about the story of three police officers from Paris: Virginie, Erik, and Aristide, who work side by side every day to protect civilians. Once the authorities entrusted them with an important mission – to escort an illegal immigrant named Asomidin, who illegally made his way into France. At first, this business seemed unusual to the cops, but soon along the way, they get closer after an acquaintance.

Asomidin told them the real reason why he had to flee his country. It turned out he was being hunted by cruel criminal figures who wanted to kill him and his whole family. Virginie wanted to let the guy go, but Erik and Aristide forbade it. Now the girl decides to help the poor man.

3. The Postcard Killings

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on the list of best modern Crime movies.

New York City police detective Jacob, the hero of the feature movie, is shocked to hear the news that his daughter was killed in London, where she spent her honeymoon with her newly made husband. The maniac brutally killed her. Having pulled himself together, Detective begins an investigation into the case and soon discovers several more murders in different cities of Europe.

The mysterious psycho sends the police postcards depicting works of art in the museum of a country in which he is about to commit the next murder. And a few days later, the police discovers bodies. Jacob travels to Europe to find and avenge the elusive killer for the death of his daughter.

2. The Night Clerk

The movie focuses on a cute autistic guy named Bart Bromley. The young man works in a hotel as a night clerk. His work is to monitor security through surveillance cameras. Once in a hotel, there is a murder, and by a cruel combination of circumstances, in his shift.

The police did not go deep into the investigation and decided to hang everything on the autist. However, the guy turned out to be much smarter than it seems at first glance since he has incredible deduction. He will have to prove his innocence or there will be sad consequences.

1. Promising Young Woman

The first place in the TOP fifteen good Crime movies in theaters.

The picture tells the story of a girl named Cassandra. Once she was a cheerful teenager able to achieve tremendous heights in any field of activity. However, one sad incident fundamentally changed Cassie’s future, after which she dropped out of school and got a job as a waiter in a cafe. Since then, she leads a dull existence. Despite her considerable age, she still lives with her parents. At first glance, it may seem that she harmless person until you find out about her secret hobby.

The top ends now.

By the way, TOP 15 new good Crime movies 2020 release dates are already available on the Net.

Thank you for watching TOP 15 good Crime films 2020.

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