When does come out The Strangers 2 movie 2018

The sequel to the thriller “The Strangers” is one of those projects, the expectation of which lasts too long. In fact, even it thought in November 2016 that “Strangers 2” you can say “Goodbye”. And then, suddenly, there is the official information: it turns out that the shooting will take place in the summer of 2017! On this occasion, we have prepared all known information concerning the movie, including the answer to the main question: “When does The Strangers 2 come out?”


Ahead is the cast but it is already known that the movie is directed by J. Roberts who filmed such films as “On the other side of the door” and “Depth of Fear” (both released in 2016). Roberts will shoot the script authored by B. Bertino (creator of the original film) and B. Ketai. The producers are M. Lane, J. Harris, W. Godfrey and R. Jones. At the European Film Market in Berlin, the project will sell to distributors.

The Strangers 2 movie 2018

When is The Strangers 2 2018 coming to theaters?

The release of the movie on screen is not disclosed yet.


The heroes of the film are a young couple Kristen and James arrive in a secluded country house belonging to the parents of James. They were both upset: the young man just made a favorite proposal and expect that she would answer yes. But Kristen said that she was not ready for marriage, and romantic evening, invented by James, gone wrong. After a while, the door knocking young blonde in a foolish mask, who, apparently, wrong address: she calls the names of people who have never lived in this house. When James goes for cigarettes, the stranger returns. Kristen refuses to let her in and she starts banging on the door. Frightened Kristen closes the door on all the locks and starts to call James, but it turns out that the cell is discharged. She puts it in charge and calls on a landline phone, but the connection is lost ..

In the meantime, the house is shaking from the shock which is clearly attacked by a few people. Kristen again reaching for mobile and sees that the cell disappeared. James discovers trembling with terror girlfriend in the bedroom: he freely entered into the house and no one noticed. Young people searched all the rooms and do not find evidence on strangers in the house… but there is Kristen’s mobile, from which inexplicably disappeared battery. When it turns out that strangers broke the glass in James’ car and dragged his phone, the heroes decide that it is necessary to leave until it becomes too late. But their way blocks the truck which is driving by another woman with the face of a doll… Realizing that they fall into the trap, James and Kristen returned to the house and locked in a room, holding a gun at the ready…

The Strangers 2 movie

The script of the film is based on real events that took place when Bryan Bertino was a kid.

Bryan Bertino: “As a child, I lived on a quiet back street. Late one evening, when parents were not home, there was a knock at the door. My sister asked who was there. Unknown said that came to Jones Johnson. Such a person has never lived in our house, we did not open the door, and they were gone. And the next day it turned out that they were robbers and they broke into all houses where in the evening there was no one.”

And now, the continuation of the cult horror of 2008 about a trio of anonymous masked killers, devoid of pity and motives prepare for the show. Their new victims become family which has to move out from their home due to financial problems. Now, they try to survive in the trailer in the wasteland.  They do not know how small will seem their recent domestic troubles on the background of the coming nightmare.


The movie The Strangers 2 trailer is not available but it will come soon.

Release Date

The Strangers 2 2018 movie release date is unknown. There is no information when the movie comes out. The year is only known – 2018.

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