When does come out A Monster Calls movie 2017


Author Patrick Ness first time really loudly made a statement with his youth trilogy “Chaos Walking.” It was the book that opened the way for him to the general public. But as a decent novelist, he showed himself later after releasing a children’s novel in the genre of so-called “low fantasy” (neutral fantasy, the plot of which is viable in removing fantastic elements). A Novel touched upon the quite not childish theme: the death of the mother, society rejection and much more. “A Monster Calls” is the first novel of Nessa – and it promises to be a powerful movie that will be able to evaluate more adults than children.

In this small article, we will reveal the prehistory of the book and will talk about when does A Monster Calls come out in cinemas.

A Monster Calls

History of book

Initially, the “A Monster Calls” is not the idea of Patrick Ness: British writer Siobhan Dowd planned it and started to write. Her teenage novels have received a number of prestigious awards. Siobhan – the only posthumous winner of the Carnegie Medal, the oldest and most prestigious British award for children’s book. The idea of “A Monster Calls ” was biographical: Siobhan started to write a novel, being sick herself and did not have time to finish it. Patrick Ness was not personally acquainted with Siobhan and got her groundwork through his literary agent with a proposal from the publisher to turn them into a full-fledged novel. The choice was good: Patrick with great warmth treat other books of Siobhan Dowd and reacted to the plan to end her affair with respect and consideration. In the future, to work on the novel also joined illustrator Jim Kay: The author of illustrations for the Harry Potter series. Jim Kay created for the “A Monster Calls ” very stylish and well-known black-and-white look, gives the book finally adult view and look vivid on any bookshelf: the silhouette of a monster, woven from black branches, frightening and fascinating at the same time. For his work, Kay was awarded the medal Greenaway (best illustrator), while Ness with Siobhan for the novel received the Carnegie Medal. “A Monster Calls” is the only product that received same time two awards.


The company “Focus Features” has acquired the film rights to “A Monster Calls” in 2014, paying for it is quite respectable 20 million dollars. The current feed has been completed, but its appearance is expected only in the 2017 year. For the first time, the film was presented to the public at the festival in Toronto.

With scenario was dealing Patrick Ness himself, and it should be noted that the script is among the best of unrealized projects of 2013. The director of the film was Juan Antonio Bayona, best known for the film “El orfanato” “Lo imposible” and the series “Penny Dreadful “. He will also direct the second “Jurassic World”, the premiere is scheduled for 2018. According to the director words, this movie wasn’t so simple for him: a lot had to pass through a child’s drawings, through his eyes. In creating visuals helped the constant operator of Bayona Oscar Faura. A director’s penchant for horror genre gives the movie a little frightening tone. Movie A Monster Calls trailer conveys a sense of mystery and fear, so better to watch it.


The story is centered around twelve years Connor O’Malley – the clever and talented boy, but a little cut off from the world. Connor lives in a comfortable neglected house with his mother and unpleasant grandmother. Microworld of Connor, friendly and quiet, crumbling before his eyes: cancer slowly and gradually takes his mother, leaving the boy alone with cruel and lonely world, where he is drugged by classmates and tormented by nightmares. That’s why one time outside of Connor house comes alive old dry wood.

Tis does not scare the boy, he tells his story and brings to Connor certain morality of his tales, which he tells at night. Instead of this, Connor will have to tell his story to Tis and come together face-to-face with the most important fear, which torments him: the fear of imminent death of mother. The story of the book and scenario is quite impressive, so for an audience just it needed to wait when is A Monster Calls 2017 coming to theaters.

A Monster Calls movie


The biggest part of the film fell on young actor Lewis-McDougall who is known only in a small role in the film “Pan “. He embodies Connor on the screen, the boy going through the impending death of his mother and forced to put up with it. According to critics, probably, in the future, we will be able to see Lewis in many movies: boy perfectly passed all the complicated nuances of his character emotions and was able to convincingly portray the grief and rage.

Equally important is the voice of Liam Neeson, who embodied on the screen the image of Monster. Retinue of the branches creature (reminds the Groot “Guardians of the Galaxy”) with soft and strong voice, then furious, then peaceful, created jointly by the actor and master of special effects, is the key character of the plot. Neeson is widely known to the public for his roles in the film “Schindler’s List”, “Star Wars” and “Les Miserables” is a worthy performer for this role. Other heroes of films performed: Felicity Jones (dying mother Connor, “Stephen Hawking’s Universe,” “Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage”, “Inferno” and the series “Diary of Anne Frank” and “Dr. Who”), Sigourney Weaver (Connor’s grandmother: “Alien”, “Avatar,” “Ghostbusters”), Toby Kebbell (the hero’s father,”Warcraft”, “RocknRolla”,”Ben-Hur”). More small roles performed actors Ben Moore, James Melville, and others. A Monster Calls 2017 movie release date will happen 6 January 2017.

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