When does come out Annabelle 2 movie 2017


People have always appreciated horror films that are why producers think of new plots and new ways to scare viewers. 2017 must surprise people with new stories, which are more awful, more fearful, more frightening and mysterious. We’ll see if producers and writers will be able to make something better than years before. In this article, the story will be about this year’s novelty – Annabelle 2. We will discuss the plot of the film, producers, cast and some other details and also will know, when does Annabelle 2 come out.

Annabelle 2

The producer of the film this year – David Sandberg (the producer of “The Lights Out’) works together with scriptwriter Harry Dauberman, who wrote it for the previous episode too. The producers are also Walter Hamada and James Van, who produced a lot of popular horror films previous years, which became a success worldwide – for example, Final Destination, Saw, Insidious, etc. We will hope Annabelle 2 will be not worse than other bestsellers.

Have to wait:

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Movie Annabelle 2: trailer

The first part of Annabelle has been shot several years ago and has been planned as The Conjuring film series. The first film has been the sequel of The Conjuring and told us the story about a doll, named Annabelle, which has been possessed by an evil spirit. A happy couple, who were planning to have a baby, lived together in a separate house. Husband made a present to his wife – this doll. It was extremely beautiful and woman has been searching for it for years. She was so happy! But the doll made a bad surprise to its owners – strange and scaring things began happening in the house…

Previously this doll has been a secondary character, and producers decided to it a leading role. The first film didn’t become a success and this year creators decided to shoot the new episode and impress the public. This time the story continues… A couple, whose little daughter died a lot of years ago, invites a nun and several girls from asylum to live with them. But they soon become a target for a devil doll Annabelle…

Watch previous series, the trailer of this year and you will be scared, but intrigued by what is happening in the world around. Evil and fear are very close to you, but you may not even know about it.

When is Annabelle 2 2017 coming to theaters

Everything began in far 2013 when people first watched The Conjuring and see a doll Annabelle, whose story continued for a long time. Then in a year viewer had a possibility to evaluate the new creation of John Leonetti. And now as three years passes, producers, and writers worked hard on the new picture and finally on 11 August, 2017, the primer will be held in America. After this time we’ll see, whether the public enjoyed the films itself and will it be better than the previous one.

Annabelle 2 movie

Everything is clear with Annabelle 2 2017 release date, and it is time to speak about the cats of the movie. The main role is given to Annabelle Wallis, who played in such films as King Arthur, Come and find me, Fleming, X: First class, etc. Also, you can see such faces as Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard, Tony Amendola, Eric Ladin, Kerry O’Melly and others. All these actors have already taken part in horror films or fantastic and detective stories, so they know what are they doing. Further producers are planning to continue shooting stories about this devil-doll and make the stories more confused and frightening. Will they make all their ideas come true – we will see in future.

The more harmless and usual person or thing takes the main role in a film, the more frightening it becomes. There are plenty of horrors on the screens from producers from all over the world. They are so many that it became extremely difficult to surprise the spectator and make him be afraid of your picture. Far not all films because really good because the plot and even the idea itself are simple and expected. In Annabelle 2 film crew tried to combine unusual and most scaring things together and make a really qualitative story.

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