When does come out All eyez on Me movie 2017


People always loved blabbering about the lives of others, collect gossip and discuss, who does who live. It is not a picture only of real life. TV also show us huge interest in gossiping, that is why there exist so many shows about people’s lives, so many reality shows, where people argue and quarrel with each other, and certainly films, in which people’s life is shown from the inside. Biographies or films, shot about famous persons, are extremely popular too. Hollywood shoots dozens of films, based on the lives of people, whom the whole world knows and loves. And this year they also decided to observe the life of one of the most popular and contradictory character of American scene – Tupac Shakur. And here we will speak about the film about his life and know when does All eyez on Me come out.

All eyez on Me movie 2017

Firstly the film got the name Tupac. But later it has been changed into All eyez on me and announced for June 2017. The film is based on real events from the life of a famous and even legendary artist. It is surprising that such a person became an idol for millions of people all around the globe. He was born in ghetto – a black boy from unfortunate family, without money and prospects. Not once he took part in street fights and showdowns, was drug addicted, had numerous problems with the law.

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And despite all this, the boy managed to rise from the very bottom and become on of the richest and most influential rap-singers of the world. Despite all his problems and bad habits and anti-human behavior people liked him, people wanted him to move further and didn’t punish him. He got and continues getting so much attention as not all celebrities get for their whole career.

All eyez on Me 2017 release date

It is an interesting fact that Tupac’s birthday is on June, 16. Producers decided to time the film premier to his birthday, that is why it is announced for June, 16. In 2017 it will be Tupac’s 46 birthday. It is expected that this day is extremely important for his fans all over the world and many of them are waiting for the tickets to be the first, who see this film. In the trailer you will see the main moments of the picture – there are scenes beginning from artist’s childhood and till his death day in Las Vegas. Film crew tried to collect all most important moments of his life to introduce this person as full as possible and the next year we’ll see if they reach a success.

Team crew

The actor, who plays the main role, looks totally like Tupac in real life. His name is Demetrius Shipp. Together with him main roles are given to Danai Gurira (known by The Walking Dead, My Soul to taking, etc.), Katerina Graham ( known by Stalker, The Vampire Dairies, etc.), Annie Ilonzeh (Rush, Beauty and the Beast, etc.), Dominic Santana ( One Tree Hill) and others. The idea of the film was born in far 2011, but every year something always changed. First producers have been named, who were responsible for financing the film. Its production, music, and script. Then it was announced that Tupac’s mother would take part in the creation of the film. By the way, in such conditions, the film had to be ready a year earlier. Later other company joined to co-produce the film and signed a contract. In 2014 it was found out that the terms of  the contract were violated and the budget was different from that, written in the contract.  That is why now they all decided finally, when is All eyez on Me 2017 coming to the theaters.

All eyez on Me

So, we strongly advise you to watch movie All eyez on Me trailer and know more about one of the most popular and interesting characters of world’s history. It’s a true life story, which shows us how a simple person, having nothing, but ambitions can gain everything he wants. Everybody judges by himself if such a life is good or bad, happy or not.  The man had everything, which most simple people can just dream about. But together will visible happiness and plenty of money the man had so many problems and finally was shot at the age of 25. Everybody thinks on his or her own, whether they want the same or what should have been done in a different way. So, visit the premier and maybe you will see Tupac and his life from the other side and some new thoughts will be born in your minds.

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