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When does come out It movie 2017: trailer, release date, cast

When does come out It movie 2017


“It” is one of the most famous and strong works of the master of horror Stephen King. A complex novel about fears, influence of childhood experiences on the entire adult life and the relationship between child and parent, written in 1986, was already a movie once. Now he is once again preparing to enter the big screen: After many vicissitudes, in 2017 a new film adaptation of “It” would have to appear before the fans of horror. When does “It” come out? So, in 2017 the picture will come out, that will show all occasions of the novel. Will the creators to embody on the screen all the ideas of the author and will the audience like this work?

 It movie 2017

The plot of the movie

As already known, the plot of the movie “It” in 2017 will be based on a story taken from the homonymous novel by Stephen King. Fans of the American writer’s works knows that this book and movie will be about the seven friends. All of them live in the town Derry, which the author specifically created. Readers could watch their adventures, and once the main characters at various times meet with very terrible and incomprehensible evil. The peculiarity of this evil monster that it can take different forms. Of course, the guys want to defeat a terrible monster that they call “it”. But kids don’t know how to do it quickly and correctly. One day, they find a solution and create a “Club of losers”. Will these defenseless kids beat a terrible evil? Which ways they will figure out and how they will make them real?

Have to wait:

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Or maybe “IT” will be able to subdue these kids? The answers to these questions, of course, know all the readers. But what will happen in this adaptation? It is clear that the storyline will be based on the novel, but the filmmakers will adapt it? And whether they will be able to do it at the highest level, the audience will be able to learn only after the picture will come up. Even movie “It” trailer didn’t come yet, that make everyone curious. When is It 2017 coming to theaters? The audience can expect movie just in September.


Appreciate his game actor Bill Skarsgård, who remembered the audience because of its game in the film “Anna Karenina”, “Victoria”, “Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the wall.” Currently, Bill is busy with the “Emperor” projects, “Battle Creek” and “Divergent, Chapter 4”.

One of the main roles in the movie “It” in 2017 will play a young actor Jaeden Lieberher. Despite his young age, he has already managed to play in such projects as “Aloha”, “Saint Vincent” and “Confirmation”. Now parallel acted in the movie “The Book of Henry.”

Finn Wolfhard joined the acting team, who played on such series as “Stranger Things,” “Supernatural” and “The 100”.


Spanish actor Javier Botet also pleased his fans. His most successful films are “The Revenant “, “Magical Girl”, “The Last Circus” and “Diamond Flash”.

Soon we will see him in a few more pictures, in which Javier has played a vivid role, including “The Mummy,” “Do not knock twice,” “The Crucifixion”.

It movie

Another young actor Nicholas Hamilton has agreed to join the cast. He works in the movies more than five years and during that time, Nicholas had time to play in such projects as “Strangerland”, “Captain Fantastic” and “Mako Mermaids.”

Beautiful Megan Charpentier also joined the acting team. She managed to play in more than thirty films, including “The Games Maker”, “He loves me,” “The Mrs. Clause”, “A Trace of Danger” and “Resident Evil: Retribution.”

Interesting facts about the movie

The project is an adaptation of the novel by the famous American writer Stephen King. Thus, it was first published in the late twentieth century, namely in the 1986 year. As you know, this novel has been nominated for several prestigious movie awards, as well as entered into the rankings of the best works of the century.

It should be noted that this film is not the only film adaptation. So, in 1990, viewers were able to see the mini-series in the plot, which was the story of the novel. The director’s ideas embodied in the movie Tommy Lee Wallace.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that the world, as well as in Russia picture premiere will take place at one and the same time. Thus, “It” 2017 movie release date is scheduled for September 7, 2017. So, we look forward to a long-awaited premiere.

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