When does come out Beauty and the Beast movie 2017


A famous European tale was recorded as a story by Charles Perrault, and a familiar version was later presented to the world by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in the 18th century. To know when does Beauty and the Beast come out you should visit the theater’s website in spring — the release date of the movie is on March 15.

In 2017 “Beauty and the Beast” will be a musical!

Late winter is in the possession of the young night and the cruel prince is visited by an ugly old woman. A new guest asks to let her inside to warm up by the fire, but in return for this service she can not offer the boy anything but a scarlet rose. The greedy young man refuses the woman. For this, she turns him into a monster and the castle servants — into animated household items. The Enchanted Prince must find a mate until the last petal of the magic flower falls. Otherwise, the prince will retain an eerie guise until his death…

Beauty and the Beast movie 2017

Not far from the castle of the Beast, in a small village lives Morris and his daughter Belle. Though her beauty attracts many men, she was never interested in them because of her passion for the books and learning. Once Morris went to the fair to show the world his invention, but got lost on the road and became a prisoner of the estate of the Beast. To free her father, Belle will have to switch places with him. So the girl is in a mysterious castle and gradually falls in love with the enchanted prince.

Idea and production

A touching story is so well-liked by the readers that dozens of games and animated movies were filmed on its grounds. But the most famous and beloved all over the world is a version of “Disney”. The idea of transferring it to the big screen came in 2009. Unfortunately, work on the project was halted shortly after the start and was continued only in 2014. There was a new screenwriter chosen — Stephen Chbosky.

The creation

The screenwriting group adapted the story tale for the movie format. In January 2015, they had held the casting for the role of the key characters, and the filming has started in May. The work on the project was completed in August. The movie “B&B” is filmed with a use of the latest technology: we will be watching a fairy tale in 3D. The movie Beauty and the Beast trailer showed a beautiful work of the designers and the SGI crew.

Many famous names are on the list of the filmmakers. Bill Condon is the director. He had received an “Oscar” for his screenplay for the film “Gods and Monsters” and a nomination for this award for the musical “Chicago.” However, the filmmaker also had an anti-prize — a “Golden Raspberry”. Such an honor awarded Condon thanks to the work of the vampire melodrama “Twilight”.

The audience has also heard about the screenwriter Steven Chbovski. In 2012 he was a director and a writer of the film version of his book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. A youth drama with Logan Lerman and Emma Watson in the lead roles of the set won the hearts of the viewers. The scenario which is also in Chbovski’s portfolio is for “La Boheme” and the series “Jericho”.

Evan Spiliotopoulos (“Hercules”, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2”) and Linda Woolverton (“The Lion King”, ” Maleficent”) were invited to work on the script of the “B&B”. The music tape is written by the Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken. His creations appeared in the movies “Aladdin,” “The Little Mermaid”, “Tangled”.

The cast

A Scottish actor Ewan McGregor was added to the cast of the remake of the “B&B”. He plays Lumiere in this tale. It is the most charming chandelier, which was to spell maître d ‘in the castle of the monster. And he knows how to make a real show. You will be able to feel it yourself on the 15th of March because it is Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie release date.

Beauty and the Beast movie

But MacGregor does not only have to act like a candelabrum. He also should remember his singing lessons. In the cartoon, Lumiere performs one of his most famous songs «Be Our Guest», which was nominated for the “Golden Globe” and the “Oscar”.

Previously, McGregor was singing in the musical “Moulin Rouge” and was nominated for the “Golden Globe” for his astounding performance.

Best friend of Lumiere’s name is Cogsworth, who was turned into a watch. He has a voice of Ian McKellen in a movie.

The main characters in a fairy tale embody are Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. What a merry company they make with Emma Thompson, Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Audra McDonald, who will be a wardrobe.

Stanley Tucci will take on a new character. It will be a grand piano, which is described as a hero with a neurotic temperament of the maestro.

The anticipation level is high. Remember to tell your friends when somebody asks you “when is Beauty and the Beast 2017 coming to theaters?”

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