When does come out House of Spirits movie 2017

The movie “House of Spirits” is directed and produced by Reuben Rox. The full information on the movie and the answer on question: “When does House of Spirits come out?” you will see in the topic below.


The director and producer of the movie is Reuben Rox. He is known for “Slayer”, “Witch Graveyard”, “Day of the thousand screams”, “Return to Witch Graveyard”.

Bobby Ruben was announced as cinematographer.

When is House of Spirits coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release movie on screens in the first part of February.

Who is spirit?

Ghosts are defined as the restless spirits of the dead, visiting places or homes which cause is summoned to them anguish or flour. They can appear in the form of visions alive or by psychokinesis: scratching the walls, the appearance of objects in the air, and so on.

Many witnesses report that the ghosts, which they saw first taken them for the common man and “betrayed” themselves with doing  something supernatural, for example, disappeared or someone then say that this man has long been dead.

Ghosts should be “cast out,” or appease, putting them in the grave.

English ghost hunter Edward McKenzie, author of the bestseller “The ghosts and spirits” describes the ghost: “Imagine a generalized portrait of ghosts which is indistinguishable from a living person or creature. Imagine that you are in a room where in addition to ghosts you see some man.

In some cases, discern the ghost of the man is not possible: the two figures seem alive, with flesh and speech.

You can go around these two figures with light. The better lighting, you will better see ghost.

When the light is turned off both the ghost and the man will be invisible in the dark. And both the man and ghost are opaque – you do not see what is behind them.

If a ghost appeared with a flower in his buttonhole you can feel the smell. You can even hear the coughing, breathing, rustling clothes ghost and it can leave marks on the floor.

Ghost behaves like a man: nods in agreement, smiling, it is shrugged his shoulders; it can put his hand on your shoulder, a pat on the back – the feeling will be the same as if it was live.

Ghosts are able to answer questions and keep the conversation going, but not for long, as they are usually laconic.

Ghost can be reflected in the mirror and shadow; and shadow can fall into a ghost. The ghost also obeys the laws of perspective – the further from the witness the less.

That is, the ghosts are perfectly disguised as a living human (animal and even inanimate objects).

Between the reports of ghost phenomena and encounters with UFOs and aliens, you can find a number of parallels. In some cases, ghost communicates telepathically with eyewitnesses as it happens in contact with the pilots of UFOs.

They also can pass through the doors, walls and windows, through people; can move with incredible speed or slowly go over the ground.

The ghost pulls cold and if it is to try to grasp, the hand would pass through the void. Also there are frequent unpleasant odors, such as sulfur or rotting meat.

In some cases, the ghosts could look after himself some people and appear only in front of him, completely ignoring others. They also have the ability to levitate.

It is believed that pets usually very nervously react to the presence of ghosts and electronic equipment can prevent malfunction or even fail if the spirit appears close.

These similarities between the ghosts and aliens have given reason to some ufologists – the researchers conclude that the first and second – they are two different aspects of the same phenomenon which by its nature belongs more to the spiritual and psychological field, rather than to the physical.

The world around us is so complex and controversial that with every new scientific discovery is impossible, perhaps, to consider truth as an absolute.

The official movie House of Spirits trailer is not available for now.


The poker game is stopped when the one of the players sees the ghost in the house. And then the action begins.


  1. Rox as Marco
  2. Eisenach as Chris
  3. Franklin as Lara
  4. LaFont as Ethan
  5. Akin as Cinthia
  6. Brown as Max
  7. Aguilar as the Butcher
  8. Matthews as Bedroom Spirit

House of Spirits 2017 movie release date is planned on 3rd of February, 2017.

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