When does come out Pitch Perfect 3 movie 2017


The production of the third film in the Perfect Pitch franchise has begun in January. The script is ready, the cast is approved. We already know when does Pitch Perfect come out – the date is 22 December 2017. Most probably it will not be the last installment, and the series will continue like “Step up”.

Have to wait:

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The reaction of the community

The first mention of the making of the next Pitch was in 2015 in the blog of Anna Kendrick. She just posted a photo of herself holding three fingers up. For now, there are only fan-made trailers, so the best moments of the movie are still unknown.

Pitch Perfect 3 movie 2017

We can expect the movie Pitch Perfect 3 trailer to be seen this summer. In September of 2015 the producers held a Pitch2Smash contest – participants recorded themselves performing a short scene with voice over from the actual movie. You can see a twenty-minute compilation on YouTube. Fans are singing or just reenacting their favorite scenes from the movie. The winner will take a small role in the film and ten other best performers received Blue-Ray copies of the second movie of the series. Now, when Pitch Perfect 3 2017 movie release date is already known, every fan is waiting in anticipation.

The plot

The second part, PP2, is set at the end of education, so it’s safe to aca-assume that at the beginning they will be separated, even live in different countries. They will seem happy but they will realize that it is hard to live without singing. Then either Becca or Amy will unite old friends for a charity a capella contest. They will meet young talented opponents who will be their enemies at first but then they will learn valuable lessons about friendship from the Bellas.

Even though the plot is quite standard for the “contest” genre, it is not the main thing in this movie. Yes, we can say for sure that Amy will be a comic relief who makes jokes about overweight people. And Mae Lee will act as a stereotypical awkward Asian. Girls will have some troubles with their love interests (Dean will have a wife and even adopt a kid by that time) but it all will be resolved at the end. No doubt that the characters will be two-dimensional stereotypes and the jokes will be there just to fill the time between music numbers.

That’s true, but think of this: do you watch dance, or kung fu or musical movies for the plot? No, the plot only glues together the show, it creates a bond between audience and the characters. We predict that the songs will be great, and the girls will give us an awesome show, that’s for sure! We will hear very unusual covers of the famous hits and see various outstanding performances. For the movie, it’s the only way to not ruining the franchise, or else we will see the Pitch Perfect 4 only on DVD.

The cast

From the beginning, it was certain that Anna Kendrick will play the main role and Rebel Willson will be there for her. They starred together in several movies outside the PP. Most of the previous team will appear in the movie – “black gay woman” Ester Dean, “awkward Asian girl” Mae Lee, as well as Camp as Aubrey, not to mention Shelley Regner.

Pitch Perfect 3 2017

The girls are experienced actresses. They have got most of the fame from the first Pitch, and they started to play in various films and TV shows. Little is known about the male cast, but it will differ greatly from the previous movie.

The script writer remains the same. The director, however, is changed and now it is Trish Sie who is in charge of making the movie. Probably the script writer Cannon will at least make a cameo and we will see the director. It is yet unknown what famous singer will play in this movie. They published a group photo in January, on the first day of film making.

If anyone asks you when is Pitch Perfect 3 2017 coming to theaters, you can easily answer them that the date is three days before Christmas. You can just watch it in a company of friends or you can set a nice romantic date at the cinema. After all, scientists have proven that singing together creates a really strong bond between people, that may even grow into something bigger than friendship.

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