When does come out Collide movie 2017


Collide is a new movie by E. Creevy in genre action. The topic below will show you full information about the movie. Ando also we will try to answer on the main question on the movie: “When does Collide come out?” in it.


  • E. Creevy is a director of the movie. He is known for “Welcome to the Punch”, “Shifty”, “Wimbledon”.
  • I. Eshkeri is a compositor.
  • E. Wild is a cinematographer.
  • C. Gill is a film editor.
  • J. Collins is a production designer
  • R. Paiba and H. Hornberger are art directors.
  • S. Gilham is a costume designer.


Collide movie 2017

When is Collide coming to theaters?

The world premier was on 10th of June, 2016 but in Russia it premier will be in the beginning of the February.

Who is mafia?

The origin of the word “mafia” has many legends, mythology and the romantic approach to its own history. For example, some researchers argue that it is not laid criminal, but a heroic tone, indicating the beginning of a man fearless.

Even in Italy there is no consensus about the origin and essence of the mafia. Some believe that it is widely ramified criminal organization, while others urged not to exaggerate the danger, because the mafia is a lifestyle, and Mafioso is a certain type of people.


Collide 2017

So considered one of the biggest specialists in the Sicilian folk traditions Giuseppe Pitre Palermo (1841-1916):

The Mafia is not a sect or organization, it has no rules, has no sentence code.  Mafiosi is not a thief and not a tramp, and if due to new trends, the term is now applied to the thieves and vagabonds, it is only because uneducated public did not have enough time to understand the meaning of the word. In addition, it usually does not bother the knowledge that, unlike a thief or a tramp, Mafioso are extremely brave and hard people, who never fall for the bait, and in this sense be mafia is important and even necessary Mafia is the focus on themselves, too much reliance on their own strength – the first and last arbitrator in any business, in material or ideological conflicts; hence the intolerance of another’s superiority, and even more to another’s arrogance Mafioso wants to be respected, and he almost always respects others. If he is offended, he does not rely on the law or justice, he makes it; when he lacks his power, he operates with the help of others who found themselves in the same situation as he is.”


The movie Collide trailer you can watch on the YouTube.


Do you love road movie? Then the exciting cinematic “Collide” will suit you perfectly. The story filmstrip center is Casey, a lover of travel from the United States. Throughout his adult life he spent outside the country, carefully studying the world. He likes the new countries, meeting extraordinary people and making love with his girlfriend in unusual places. In this time they have developed a thorough plan for a trip to Europe, and happily move off. However, everything went wrong not as they had planned.

Arriving in Germany, American tourists accidentally caught in the vortex of the most shootouts between two local gangs. The opposing camps led by the bloodthirsty and do not know the honor and pity recidivists Geran and Hagen. Now many German roads became mazes of death, the escape of which travelers need to find as soon as possible in order to survive. But the local mafia has a huge advantage: here, they know all the loopholes, so every step of the Americans in their hands. However, they did not know that at the time of mortal danger to travelers has opened the unusual ability to fight for their lives. Who will be able to win?


  • N. Hoult as Casey Stein
  • F. Jones as Juliette Marne
  • A. Hopkins as Hagen Kahl
  • B. Kingsley as Geran
  • M. Kenzari as Matthias

Release Date

Collide 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 2nd of February, 2017 in Russia.

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