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When does come out Going in Style movie 2017

The new comedy by Zach Braff is named “Going in Style”. In the topic below you will know the details about the movie and answer on the main question: “When does Going in Style come out?”

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  • Z. Braff is a director of the movie. He is known for the serial “Scrubs” where played J.D. He is also known for “Garden State”, “Chicken Little”, “OZ: Great and Powerful”
  • The compositor of the movie was announced R. Simonsen.
  • R. Charters is a cinematographer.
  • M. Kerstein is a film editor.
  • A. Ross is a production designer.
  • L. Ballinger is an art director.
  • S. Parks is set decorator.
  • G. Jones is a costume designer.


Going in Style movie 2017

When is Going in Style coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release in the beginning of the April, 2017.

Idea of the movie

Willie, Joe, Al are not old men-robbers, although the first association is possible be so and will be for you the most faithful.

Three best friends – retirees are not satisfied with meager social benefits want to break their monotonous existence. Old men-robbers are finally decided to have fun and even “Go in Style” – make the perfect bank robbery and the go at Las Vegas. There is only one problem – they do not even know how to handle a weapon!

“Going in Style” is a free remake of the famous eponymous comedy film of 1979, where the starring classics of American cinema of the last century G. Burns, A. Carney and L. Strasberg are replaced by classics living today. Despite the ease of filing, the movie has serious social implications and reveals the problems of old age in America.

Going in Style 2017

In essence, in front of us is a tragicomedy. The picture is consist of whole range of feelings and balances on the thin line between curious and serious that’s why we do not know how to treat the events occurring on the screen with a smile or sadly. After all, in essence elderly people decided to rob a bank in despair, and are they need money? Perhaps, not. Joe, Al and Willy just wanted to prove to themselves that they still early to rule out and they are something else can. But on the other hand, looking at how older people are sitting at the table and sorted out a lot of ammo in order to find a suitable one or gamble – on the face spreads smile, and becomes warm, because at this very moment Joe, Al and Willy are truly happy.


The movie Going in Style trailer is now available on the YouTube.


Joe, Al and Willie are three elderly people who have lived a long and eventful life. A life that was full of both achievements and anxieties and if was given the opportunity, they will certainly change something in it, in principle, like any other man, but what pensioners haven’t in their lives is money. And one summer day, which has no difference from the other, unofficial leader of the trio, Joe offers – “why do not just rob a bank?” Indeed, why not?

Going in Style movie

What can lose three elderly people whose age has passed away seventy? If they get caught they go to jail, but on the other hand, is the difference great to live in a little tiny room or in the chamber if in any case the life of the characters become routine and is a cell? Well, if they do not get caught, and Joe convinced that it will be so, the three old friends will have chance to live large and to afford everything what the characters themselves always denied. In essence, the choice is clear, and that’s three older characters in business suits and ridiculous masks standing at the door of the bank. Each of the heroes has guns. And in front of them is waiting the opportunity. Opportunity to “Go in Style”


  • J. King as Brooklyn
  • M. Freeman as Willie
  • M. Caine as Joe
  • P. Serafinowicz as Murphy
  • A. Arkin as Albert

Release Date

Going in Style 2017 movie release date is planned on 7th of April.

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