The movie that we are going to discuss is called “Malibu Road” by M. Markland. In the …" />

When does come out Malibu Road movie 2017


The movie that we are going to discuss is called “Malibu Road” by M. Markland. In the article you will know all the known information on movie and also release date.

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  • M. Markland is a director of the movie. He is known for “The Phoenix Program”, “Poison Control”, “Sociopath School for Boys”.
  • The compositor of the movie is R. Lydecker.
  • M.Altieri is a cinematographer.
  • V. Singh and A. Ghosn are film editors.
  • E. Bogdanova and S. Kroop are production designers.
  • R. Melloway is a costume designer.


Malibu Road movie 2017

When is Malibu Road coming to theaters?

It is planned to release the movie on screens in the first part of February.

What is Drugs?

The drugs do not exist. They do not exist as a logical category that combines the substance with the same effect on humans and would exclude the substance without such exposure.

Ask people what drugs is and they look will look at you with amazement. Of course, everyone knows what it is. It’s a terrible thing, this is the thing why dies reckless youth.  If you insist and ask to clarify, you will hear words such as hashish, marijuana, LSD, opium, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy. Anyone will report you that the drugs are addictive substances so that the body or the soul of man requires more doses over and over again.

The continuing questioning can cause anxiety. What to do with cigarettes or coffee if physical dependence is such an important thing? What about the other pleasures that, having done once, pulls to do it over and over again? If the main feature is caused damage, what about alcohol?

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Malibu Road movie

These issues are concern anxiety not only among the common people. The same applies to the scientists; the anxiety grows if we require a precise answer. The World Health Organization is trying to solve this problem from the very moment of its foundation. However, it was not possible to reach a consensus. Drugs are what everyone has heard, and heard terrible things, what everyone knows, and yet no one can determine. The enemy is there, but who he is, is hard to say.

Drugs is a substance that acts on the human psyche (Narkótikys from the Greek means “numbness”), which dulls the pain and / or brings pleasure to drug users. Its intake is able to bring to the developing of  the physical and / or psychological dependence (addiction), in which a person will experience the need for regular intake of such things, when there is no other drugs he experiences physical suffering ( “breaking”) or mental (depression, anxiety, insomnia).

There are more special definitions of drugs. So taken in the US legal definition states that the the substance that capable of causing addiction is drug.  The use of such substances is restricted. There is ordinary definition, according to which the drug is anything that cause addictive (so sometimes alcohol is called a kind of drug). The most famous synthetic drugs are opioids (methadone, promedolum), amphetamines and tranquilizers.

The main drugs

There are different classifications of substances capable of causing dependence: on the pharmacological properties, origin, according to the degree of danger or ability to cause dependence.

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Malibu Road 2017

The source of opiates is the opium (opium) – frozen in a brown gum latex which is released from incisions in the unripe pods of the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). In modern times from natural opium is learned to distinguish alkaloids (morphine, codeine, narcotine) and produce a more potent substances – primarily diacetylmorphine (heroin). Heroin is in the form of powder, the color of which changes from white to black depending on the degree of purification and additives. Heroin are two types, one of which is soluble in water, and to dissolve the other requires an acidic environment (often used either ascorbic acid or citric acid).

The official movie Malibu Road trailer is now available on the YouTube.


Professor of psychology R. Forrester tries connect the unconnected – science and drugs.


  • M. Adonis as Hugo Von Brandt
  • J. Andres as Sally Dorsey
  • L. Beaudoin as Dorothy Crowder
  • E. Bogdanova as LaBianca
  • F. Borges as John Smythe
  • R. Caldwell as William Billy

Release Date

Malibu Road 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 10th of February in Russia.

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