When does come out Despicable Me 3 movie 2017


Probably everyone remembers, if not exactly the cartoon “Despicable Me 3”, but definitely the minions, which play an important role in this funny picture. In 2017 we will see what will happen in 3 chapter of this wonderful story. Heroes will face new challenges and same time they will try to safe their family, which they have tried to create a long time. In general, the cartoon is going to be really exciting. And how can it be uninteresting if there are such wonderful characters? When does Despicable Me 3 come out and what will happen in next episode – we will find out now!

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Cartoon “Despicable Me 3” 2017

Cast and performance of 1st cartoon were in good level. The first part of this cartoon came out in 2010. Its plot consisted of a story about a villain named Gru, who lives alone in a huge house and owns an army of minions. He is a misanthrope, so when it comes to the three girls from the orphanage and offer to buy the cookies he banishes them.

Despicable Me 3 movie
Next, the hero discovers that someone has managed to steal a pyramid of Egypt, and a real envy wakes up in him. He speaks with a great speech in front of his minions, who are always ready to listen to him. It turns out that the villain wants to steal the entire moon.
However, for this, he needs a special tool and a lot of money, which Grew, unfortunately, has no. First, he wants to take credit in a special bank account for the villains, but they refused him because he must first get a reducer – the instrument, without which he will not be able to steal the moon.
The second part of the cartoon “Despicable Me 3” has more fun. As it turns out, Gru stopped to be a villain and began his jelly business. The only bad thing that this business does not bring the desired income and daughters need money. And the life of the hero became rather boring. That’s why he agrees to help in the investigation, Anti-criminal league.

Grew acquainted with his new co-worker named Lucy. At first, character refers to her not very good, but then realizes that he begins to fall in love. In parallel with the development of the romantic line of the main character, eldest daughter Margot got relationships as well. The only thing that does not suit Grew, is that it was the chosen son of the villain Eduardo, named Antonio.
After completing missions, Grew and Lucy have to leave. But on the way to home, she realizes that she is in love with him, and returned to Gru. Just at this time, Gru is beginning to understand that the villain, for which they hunted, only faked his own death and actually hiding at a secret base and continues to build his cunning plan. Unfortunately, Lucy is captured, but, as a result, Grew unable to help her.

Despicable Me on the beach
Having overcome all difficulties and obstacles, the characters start dating, and, after some time, arrange a real wedding. Excellent completion of the second part of the cartoon! By the way, after the credits of this part of the movie, there are several minions who make a cartoon advertisement “Minions.”
As for the third part of the cartoon, its precise story is not yet known. Despicable Me 3 2017 movie release date is planned for the 2017 year. The creators told only that the plot of the movie will tell about the family Grew, Lucy, and girls who live in peace and have fun together with minions. Unfortunately, the appearance of a new villain prevents their calm and balanced life. Will the heroes win this difficult battle between goodness and evil, and keep their family safe? Movie Despicable Me 3 trailer must be same funny full of minions jokes.
It should also be noted that this cartoon will be the last in the history of Gru and his family. The author of the idea and the creator of all the parts of the movie Chris Meledandri reported this. He said that he planned to stay in a complete trilogy, and almost finished his work. However, perhaps the audience will still see a few cartoons of minions that have become popular with the public because of its sincerity and a little stupidity.

What to expect from the animated film “Despicable Me 3” in 2017

Naturally, from this cartoon should not expect the best. Minions will certainly be able to fill the motion picture funny moments and funny jokes without words.

what is next
Despite the fact that these yellow characters are not particularly, so smart, minions from the animated film “Despicable Me 3” somehow managed to get the love of the audience.
In addition, the main character Gru deserves special attention. It happened to him exactly what children need to learn – goodness defeat evil. More importantly, this fight took place inside the character, that is, much more difficult than the battle outside. That is why this cartoon is simply obliged to be in the lives of children because he really can change their outlook on life. When is Despicable Me 3 2017 coming to theaters? You will be able to see the 3rd chapter 28 July 2017

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