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When does come out Logan movie 2017

New James Mangold comic tribute to the marvel cult series “Wolverine” is going to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. Everyone who wonders when does Logan come out can free their schedules for the March 2017.

Life of the mutant Logan, which lasted more than a century, is now coming to an end. In the final battle he has to defeat his old enemy that threatens to destroy not only him, but also the ones that he cares about. The years take their toll, but the beast who can sense his life is ending will fight even more fiercely.

Logan Poster

What was shown in a trailer

At the moment there is little to no detailed information about the third film which will complete the story of the mutant Logan — even despite the fact that the survey has been completed. It is reported that the main enemy of Wolverine will be Mr. Sinister (in some adaptations his name is translated as “Sinister”). “Logan” film trailer shows that there also will be X-23 in the film — a woman, created by cloning and having the same abilities as the actual Wolverine, — adamantium skeleton, retractable claws and fast regeneration.

It’s hard not to name the resulting clip atmospheric, largely due to the powerful soundtrack. The song is «Hurt» by the legendary Johnny Cash.

Fans’ predictions and hopes

Also recently, the network has been teased by the photo of Patrick Stewart in the role of much older Professor X. There are suggestions that the film “Logan” is based on the story arch of a comic book “The Old Man Logan”, but cannot be named that due to copyright reasons: the graphic novel by one of the protagonists is about Hawkeye, who cannot appear in the franchise “X-Men” as that character belongs to Marvel Avengers team.

Some people assume that in the third movie about Wolverine we may start to get ready for a confrontation with a group of supervillains known as the “Marauders”, where our clawed hero can meet an ol’ pal of his — Gambit, and is likely to meet the recent one — Deadpool. Either way the movie is not going to be another mindless shooter. We’re in for a treat.

Logan 2017 movie release date, which is on the 3rd of March, is the day that will bring joy to all the comic lovers all around the world.

Actual plot of the movie

The internet is discussing a freshly published concept photo for the superhero blockbuster “Logan” which shows Hugh Jackman in the form of the mutant Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor X who is no longer an all-powerful telepath and leader of the X-Men but a suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, feeble old man.

The action of the story takes place in the year 2024. Most of the mutants in the world are dead, the X-Men team ceased to exist whatsoever. The world has been changed — there is no room for such as Logan. Aged and crippled hero who long ago stopped calling himself Wolverine is living out his last days finding solace in the bottle and taking care of Charles Xavier, whose memory and power are getting worse and more unstable each day. Sam Logan is no longer the invincible warrior — his ability to quickly regenerate has extinguished, and old wounds bring unbearable pain.

Logan movie shots

But the fate is forcing Logan to release the claws again, when he meets his clone — a little girl named Laura Kinney, also known as X-23 (played by Daphne Keen), whom hunts the powerful corporation that turns the survivor mutants into the machines of death and planning to use them to plunge the world into chaos.

It is assumed that the main villain is the head of an ESSEX Corp., Nathaniel Essex (or Mister Sinister), played by Richard E. Grant, also involved in the creation of Laura. There will be Rivers cyborgs-gang, supervillains led by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). Logan’s opponents will also include the members of the infamous Weapon X organization.

The script was written by Michael Green (“Blade Runner 2049”) and David James Kelly. The cast also includes Stephen Merchant (albino mutant Caliban), Eric La Salle, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Elise Neal.

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