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When does come out Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul movie 2017

The new movie is in a comedy genre. In this regard, we will give you main information on the movie and try to find out the answer on the question: “When does Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul come out?”

Have to wait:

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  • The director of the movie is D. Bowers. He is known for series of movies about Wimpy Kid, “Astro Boy”, “Flushed Away”
  • A. Richmond is a cinematographer.
  • T. Takaki is a film editor.
  • D. Brown is an art director.
  • T. Clarkson is a set decorator.

The mind and cunning

The cunning is a living being property of multicellular who having brain. Tricks do not have lower organized creatures, for example, worms or crustaceans. The trick can be congenital and acquired. Congenital tricks endowed with many predators – wolves, foxes, snakes … But herbivores are not as stupid as they seem. They need a trick to avoid being caught in the clutches of predators. The trick in animals appears instinctively and impulsively. This trick is popularly called animal. Still, the trick is more inherent in people. The essence of man is rooted in the animal world. Therefore, the trick in humans can occur at the level of instincts, for example, security issues, food, meeting other physiological needs.

But! “Man – it sounds good.” Mind and cunning are two qualities of man, for what he is respected or insulted in the society. Combined mind with cunning can bring person into trouble or to happiness. Mind and cunning are necessary to distinguish. Some people think that if a person is smart, he is also cunning. It is not like this. Because the mind can be “everyday life” (based on society’s knowledge, experience) and analytical (based on scientific knowledge). You can be clever but not cunning. The cunning is the conscious ability to achieve the personal gain in a sophisticated way. A sophisticated way is a lie, trick, and loophole. The trick is the private property of the narrow mind.

The trick is always a deceit, misrepresentation, of images of reality. And it is based on lies, small or big. False is always bad. Although can be forced lie which can be justified. Some believe that the trick is a vice. I think that this is misleading. It should not generalize. It all depends on the situation in which a person uses the trick. For example, the policy and the theater of military operations cannot do without tricks. Often, the collapse of family happiness and relationship comes from the fact that someone is too straightforward insisting on taking his course. Indeed, some say that there is a female cunning. Cities are taken by general’s wife, not the general. So, at least, I think any wife. The cunning general would not dissuade his wife in her “services” to the fatherland.

When is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul coming to theaters?

The movie will come on screens in the middle of May.


The official movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul trailer is now available on the YouTube.


The fourth screen film of the bestselling children’s series by J. Kinney is about purposeful and smart but not very successful and flexible schoolboy. Unexpected troubles haunt him not only in school and even in the summer vacation, when he persuades his family to go to the anniversary of the 90-year-old grandmother. The boy pursues own secret goal – to get to a gathering of gamers.


  • T. Everett Scott as Frank
  • J. Drucker as Greg
  • C. Wright as Rodrick

Release of the movie

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 19th of May.

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