When does come out Rings movie 2017


It took 13 years … but the memories of horrific events are still alive and turned into a terrible urban legend. A lot of people want to learn the secret of sinister cassette, after watching that everyone was going to die in seven days. Many are willing to risk. One of these brave young man is Holt (Alex Rowe), enthusiastically engaged in the study developed around a mysterious subculture cassettes. Holt deadly obsession recording is worrying his girlfriend Julia (Anna Mathilde Ingrid Lutz), who is confident that both of them are in danger if Holt does not leave attempts to get to the truth. But when it’s too late, she sacrifices herself to save her lover and makes a horrifying discovery inside the nightmarish film, there is another, which nobody has ever seen.

Rings movie 2017


The Rings is the classic movie, the third part of the famous movie in the genre of horror and coming soon to cinemas in the big screens. This film is the third part of a series and is a sequel. History of this film began in August 2014. The Paramount studio offered screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to write the script for the third installment of the trilogy. Few month later appeared news and posters and the third part of Rings was confirmed officially. The biggest fans are waiting when does Rings come out!

The director the picture decided to be F. Javier Gutiérrez, known for his previous work in the genres of horror, thriller, and fantasy. His last work was the producer center horror movie “Tres días”. Filming process began in the spring of 2015. They were held in Atlanta, USA.


In the cast, we can notice such popular actors: Johnny Galecki as Gabriel, one of the main actors from the television series The Big Bang Theory,  Vincent D’Onofryo, who recent movies were “Jurassic World”, “The Magnificent Seven” and “Judge”. Also some actresses such as Laura Uyhhyns, Emmy Tyharden and quite a lot of other young actors.

Rings classic scenario tells the story of the “film in the film” in which events occur that will not leave no one indifferent connoisseur of horror. The film itself is already a standard rating for horror – PG-13, generally nothing special.The official slogan for this Rings movie is “Evil is reborn” what you can see on posters. Movie Rings trailer shows the most exciting moments!


From the first seconds of the trailer, we can spectate that story is in the classic canon of the horror genre and begins with a mysterious story about the strange video after wich strange things happens. Also this story was presented in all the past of the series. Besides, we know that the events that will be reflected in the film take place 13 years after the events of the last part of the trilogy – Rings 2. This fact makes us think that this is a sequel, but this time cast with the new circumstances. Rings 2017 movie release date is getting closer! Don’t miss!


Rings movie

New trends in cinematography and 3D technology which are actively used to make this film stand still and hold your breath everyone who will be able to see this tape. Also, we were able to see some of new special effects and moments from the movie in the trailer. Some of them are terrifying and creepy like true fans expected.  Unique emotions will feel the audience wich are going to watch Rings in cinemas. New 3D IMAX technology and high definition sound, which is used in the best tradition of filming complete take this old fashion story to the next level, and the additional graphics effects make this horror intimidating.

Another feature of this film was much smaller budget than in previous installments. Total fees for filming and the actors spent 33 million dollars. But given the experience of the director in the genre and not big Hollywood budgets, we can be sure that this does not sport the picture. Expectations for the film are quite high. The main reason of this is that Rings is the classic remake of the story, which like all horror and thriller genre. Also, the film was held promotional campaign and withdrawn cool trailer and posters.

When is Rings coming to theaters? It scheduled for February, 2017. Looking forward we hope this movie will be great.

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