When does come out Elite movie 2017


When does Elite come out? It’s a full-blown mystery. A lot of fans are waiting when it will be able to enjoy the wonderful story with an exciting history. The release date is known, but the details of the characters and the plot are not disclosed. If you want to know the date of release and the short information on the main characters, please read the topic below.  I hope you will like it. Here we go.


The filmmaker is Mark Cantu. He is a really good filmmaker. He is known for: Now Hiring, Saint Passions Landing, Fuse. 

The movie is produced by E. Cantu, J. Scarbrough, D. Swafford.

Elite movie


Dave Anson is announced as a compositor.

When is Elite coming to theaters?

The release date is programmed on the first part of February, 2017.

Why action?

The action is a movie where great attention is giving to everything that is connected with violence: the pursuit, fighting and so on. A lot of creators of movies of this genre do not stop to realize the image of good, with huge fists, which will always be able to fight back anyone. These films, most often have enormous fiscal costs, a huge number of specialized personnel, stunt doubles and a huge variety of special effects. No wonder that the rules of the violence are spreading through such films.

In most cases, these movies are heavy for the perception of the story, not only in terms of violence but also in the psychological aspect, although it is just not complicated. Typically, in such films, the protagonist is opposed to the bad guys and all kinds of manifestations of violence. Even in nowhere situations, from a logical point of view, the main characters of the militants will always find a way out and will win. During any of these movies, as usual, an evil character dies rather than get into a prison’s cell. The number of deaths in such films may be to tens or even hundreds, the main characters almost always survive, almost always without a scratch.

Between explosions and special effects lights the flame of love and passion.

Elite movie 2017

It is worth noting that due to the many scenes of violence, the movie is not recommended to watch a person whose age is less than sixteen years, although this age group is the lion’s share of the audience of the genre – action.

You can still talk a lot about this genre, about its advantages and disadvantages, but the fact that these films bring to creators multi-million dollar box office, speak for themselves. These films are one of the few genres that can cover the budget of expenses, may be for this reason the action movies filming more and more.


The official movie Elite trailer is already available on our site.


  • Leary as Benedict

He is known for the movie “Unemployed”.

  • Manon as Mireya
  • Tablizo as Amelia Vaughn

She is known for: “Crossfire”, “Zombie”.

  • Schott as Senator Warren

She is known for “Country Called Home”.

  • Dell as Merick
  • Boyson as Guapo
  • Scarbrough as Lt. Sam Harrigan
  • Hayden as Agent Simms
  • Medellin as Dir. Bob Womack

Elite 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 1st of February, 2017. The world announce is unknown.  

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