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When does come out Relentless movie 2017

Exciting action movies and kidnapping always were popular. Kidnapping, ransom, the life of victims – all of this keeps in tension throughout the entire picture. “Relentless” is long-awaited thriller by Lance Tracy. The date of out of which is expected everywhere throughout the world. Many of fans ask the question: “When does Relentless come out?” Let’s try to ask this question and other questions regarding the film. We should start with the production of the motion picture. Here we go.


The director of the movie is Lance Tracy. His is a strong writer and filmmaker. L. Tracy’s movie “Relentless” won the “Best Drama” and he won “Best Director” at a sneak preview of the movie. The duration of the movie is 95 minutes. The places where the movie was filmed are El Salvador and the United States.

Relentless movie 2017

Musical part

Aaron Gilhuis was announced as a composer to “Relentless” motion picture.


Akis Konstantakopoulos and Michael Solidum were announced as cinematographers.


Production Design by Ana Carolina Montagnana

Art Direction by Daryl Hoss

When is Relentless coming to theaters? It’s scheduled on the first part of February, 2017.


The plot of the movie takes place in Central America. The main character of the movie “Relentless” is Holly (Lauren Shaw) who play the mother in this film. The story is about the American mother and her daughter. Everything was good in the family until one day when misses the daughter. In the course of his personal investigation, she learns that human traffickers kidnapped her daughter . Will Melissa find her daughter and survive during this unpleasant journey? We will know this only in theaters.

Relentless movie


The official movie Relentless trailer is available on our website.

Idea of the movie

There are two ideas of the movie. The main idea of this movie is to show what mother can do when something happens to her child. The other idea is that the human trafficking is a terrible fact which exists in our world. Remember how one big man said: “I have children. But it’s just business. Good business”. In other words, the system is so taken root, connections and experience that even all the powers cannot withstand the established foundations. The Salvation of a daughter is not only individually accomplished fact. This is a challenge for all injustice.


  • C.Taylor as Melissa
  • Shaw as Holly
  • Carrillo as Milagro
  • Sweeney as Ally
  • McNiven as Heidi
  • Holden as Rob Drew
  • Castro as Fern
  • Pasco as Raul

Release Date

The official Relentless 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 1st February in the USA. The world premier is still unknown.

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