When does come out Ganked movie 2017

Аt the beginning of 2017 low budget cinema project of Deena Trudy and Shanna Clark – “Ganked” movie is coming out. Stars and writers of TV series «Toke N Choke Dispensary» decided to try themselves in the role of writers and creators of criminal thriller movie .

“Ganked” is adventure story about crazy trip of two good friends, who got involved into very dangerous criminal events.

When does Ganked come out

It was planned that the film will be released in early 2017. Scheduled Ganked 2017 movie release date in USA is 5th of February 2017. However, this date can be postponed. At the end of 2016 the film was still on the shooting stage. Exact day, when is Ganked coming to theaters is still unknown. It is possible that the film will be released in the second half of 2017.

Place of shooting

Shooting of the film takes place in the picturesque locations of Los Angeles and California.

The main emphasis in Ganked is done on rapidly developing interesting plot, beautiful views of California’s, creativity of the writers and acting of the cast. Presumably, Shanna Clark and Deena Trudy will play major roles in the movie.

Not much information is available about this movie. Creators keep the most of details in secret. Movie Ganked trailer is not yet available, as well as information about the actors and other technical details of the picture. However, Deena Trudy uploaded few photos from «Ganked» filming, which confirms that the work is in full swing.

Low budget movie with a Hollywood ambitions

Ganked is a very ambitious project. The estimated budget of the movie is only 100 000 USD. creators have a lot of ideas and believe that this amount, it will be enough to create a high quality film.

Auteur cinema like Ganked is created for specific audiences: connoisseurs of the genre and criminal themes. This kind of movies attracts the viewer not with expensive filming, but with  artistic originality, thrilling story with elements of thriller, humor and drama.

Apparently, Deena Trudy and Shanna Clark are planning to surpass the success of their previous project: TV series «Toke N Choke Dispensary», which was a low budget underground project  about medical marijuana trade. It seems that drugs topic is close to the creations of the authors. and tho their audience. This time Deena and Shanna build their story around the illegal trade of cocaine.

The theme and Storyline of the movie

Ganked is a criminal story, which has drugs, cash, beautiful women, crazy and dynamic action scenes.

Crime and drugs always attracted enhanced attention of the public. It is obvious that the authors try to attract the maximum audience interest to their movie, exploiting this subject.

The story unfolds around trip through the country in which two friends (young women) got involved to smuggle cocaine batch. On the beginning, it was an ordinary trip, which they did many times before to earn some cash. However, this time something went wrong and events took a different scenario.

On the arrival to the place the girls faced with unforeseen troubles. Recipient of the shipment asked them to wait for the payment a little bit, referring to the temporary difficulties with cash. After three days of fruitless waiting, the characters realize that they are being deceived and they are not going to be paid.

Girls decide to pick up the both: money and goods. They developed a plan of the robbery and  started its implementation.

To see, what came of it, we need to wait until the movie release.

Auteur cinema and its audience

This film should attract the fans of auteur cinema of a criminal genre, as well as fans of the work of such authors as Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and other masters of the genre. Sharp and intriguing storyline full of interpersonal relationships, risk, joy of easy money and the bitterness of defeat – the main factors that attract viewers to the screen. Movies of this category are very generous with the emotions of such a kind. Important concepts, like friendship, money and love are disclosing in the author cinema. They brightly highlighting the key points on what is truly valuable in this life and what is secondary, which is important objective for the true cinema.

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