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Many of «old school» stuff become really great and beloved. We all still remember the story of an unusual game called “Jumanji” that attracted the young heroes. It would seem that one movie should be enough because there were insanely professional cast, impeccable script and high quality and special effects. All this combines the first part. But for creators of “Jumanji” 2017 it’s not enough already, and for now, they are going to do something totally different and unique, but not less attractive. When Jumanji comes out – you can learn in this review. The movie budget in the 1995 year was 65 million dollars, and has collected in the world a very significant amount -. 262 700 000, which provided him with the tenth place among the highest-grossing films of the year.

Jumanji movie

Background of the picture “Jumanji”

The extraordinary story started in the 19th century when a few teenagers in the woods found a mysterious chest. A hundred years later the teenager Alan finds this treasure. As it turned out, inside the trunk was game “Jumanji” which the boy started to play with his girlfriend Sarah. The boy got carried away with a new game, but then Alan got himself in the game.

Have to wait:

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The original version was filmed on the basis of the book of the popular American author Chris Van Allsburg, which is also a talented artist. So, as the artist, he worked on illustrating some editions of “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

A renewed version of this movie will be the remake of 1995 movie. So, we can assume that the basis for the story “Jumanji” 2017 will put the old well-known story. But, according to the creators, a new picture will be rethought and made to meet modern needs. Also, the writers were planning to pay more attention to the original story, which was proposed in the book. Indeed, in the book version, there were no such heroes as Alan and Sarah. When the first movie had been released one of the companies created a board game, founded on the same mechanism as in a movie.

Jumanji movie 2017

The creators abandon the character of Alan because to play better after Robin Williams is no longer possible. But for sure we will know this after the release of the picture.

The new version, which the viewer sees in the movie “Jumanji” 2017 is not the only one. So, we must also remember the animated series of the same name of the series “Jumanji”, which appeared on the screens from 1996 to 1999. By the way, in 2005, a sequel called “Zathura: A Space Adventure” appeared. The basis was taken from the scenario of the novel, but it didn’t make the movie popular like the first one. Movie Jumanji trailer will come out soon and we will be able to compare these two movies.

Cast of the film “Jumanji”

Movie is created by a famous company Sony Pictures Entertainment. Jake Kasdan is the director and the son of a screenwriter of all your favorite “Star Wars.” But this is not his main advantage. Thus, the viewer already knows his works such as “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz, “Californication” and “Home Video”. Despite the fact that these pictures have become popular among viewers, critics did not pay them enough attention. Therefore, many viewers have doubts as to whether Jake will be able to surpass or at least make a picture at the same level as the first. Jumanji 2017 movie release date was planned first for the 2016 year but then the premier was removed to 2017.

One of the main roles will be played by Dwayne Johnson, who is best known for his roles in the film “Fast and Furious” and “Hercules.” He has to work hard, because he needs to be at the level of the legendary Robin Williams to make the new picture even more successful.

Along with Dwayne Johnson in the new version his acting skills Tom Holland will be shown, who will play Peter Parker in the movie “Spider-Man: The Homecoming”, and thus, will be a new Spider-Man.

Jack Black will delight the audience with his acting ability, who is known for his work in the films “The Holiday,” “The school of Rock” and “King Kong.”

When is Jumanji 2017 coming to theaters? Not so long time left – 27 July 2017.


Not so many fans are waiting for a remake of “Jumanji”. The majority of fans of the old film, find it frankly a bad idea. A good writer involved in the filming, but the extremely controversial director, and leading actor of the original movie died recently, and many people believe the creation of a remake it’s a disrespect to the memory of Williams.

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