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When does come out CHiPs movie 2017

Comedies are extremely popular among viewers from all countries of the world and of any ages, from children to elderly people.  That is why theaters produce dozens of comedies every year, and some of them become really popular and beloved by the public, but others, on the contrary, do not interest people at all and don’t evoke pleasant feelings. That is why a person needs to choose a film carefully, which will be appropriate for watching with a company of friends or in a warm family evening. This year you will have an opportunity to meet such like film. Which is called CHiPs. It promises to be really funny, kind and pleasant. In the article we will observe, when does CHiPs come out and what is the main idea.

CHiPs movie


The main things you should know

So, as we have already known, this new film will be called CHiPs and is planned to be shown to the public by March 2017. Actually, several year decades ago there have been series of films on the TV, which had the same plot. Now the new producer, who, by the way, plays the main role in the film, shoots it and writes the scenario, tried to rewrite the plot, leave the idea and create one film instead of several series.

You can watch the movie CHiPs trailer and understand what the speech will be about in the film. The main heroes live in San Francisco and they are policemen, who work together and watch for the order on the streets of the city. As a usual, they get a call from the dispatcher about a crime in the city. They go out to save people and punish evil immediately. The situation is rather usual and thousands of policemen all over the world do the same work every day, which may be not only boring but rather dangerous. But in this situation it all becomes funny and comic because the partners are too different – they have different views, different traits of characters, different behavior. And all this leads to the most comic situations you can imagine.


The film is full of jokes and funny situations, which are quite real and look natural. They are not stupid and don’t have some strange implications, which can be unacceptable for kids, for example. Everything is kind, simple and usual. Every viewer will be able to find a lot of funny moments and appreciate the time, spent while watching the premier.


Actors and release dates

Don’t you know when is CHiPs coming to theaters? Don’t worry, the crew has already announced concrete release dates, which will be March 24, 2017. Not so much time is left till you will have an opportunity to enjoy a really good film and get plenty of positive emotions. The picture promises to be bright, active and will not let you look aside for a second. Well, who knows, where the truth is? We will wait for a couple of months and will be able to experience all these promises by ourselves.


The cast will also be really good, as many popular and great actors gathered in this film – Michael Pena, Jessica McNamee, Adam Brody, Ryan Hansen, Kristen Bell and others. All these actors are well-known for all of us from popular movies and cartoons. So, this time we will hope that they will be able to play their roles well and make the viewer get pleasure from the picture.

CHiPs 2017 movie release date is known, the shootings have already been stopped and the crew makes the last preparations for the premier. There is not so much time left, so it will be easy for us to live these several months waiting for the film to watch. And by the end of March 2017, we will see if the film meets expectations of viewers and if it will become popular.

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