When does come out Sleepless movie 2017


It would seem – not so long time ago happened the premiere of the first movie, and the filmmakers are ready for the second, but new version! Sleepless – fresh, bright sequel of the already exist picture with same name. When does Sleepless come out we can just guess, but the company Open Road Films decided to start the Sleepless in 2017, with Jamie Foxx in the lead roles. Interesting coincidence – the same date appointed for another premiere from movie company “Paramount” called “God Particle”.

Sleepless movie


The plot of the Sleepless

In the center of this action movie, like in French version, is the story about corrupt police officer. Jamie Foxx plays Vincent Downs from Las Vegas, officer in police, which caught in the operations of the corrupt casino. When the operation went wrong, bad guys kidnapped his son. Vincent would have to release his son from captivity and bring the gangsters to justice. What will happen next – is unknown. İn the movie Sleepless trailer we can see amazing Jamie Foxx in the unusual for his role as a police officer. He truly did his work great.

French version

The story takes place in Paris and takes about 24 hours. Vincent – a corrupt cop who in the process of an illegal operation takes about 10 kg of cocaine from a drug baron Jose Marciano. In retaliation, police, drug dealers caught his son Tom. The two sides agree to meet in a busy nightclub, owned by drug cartels Marciano. However, employees of service of internal investigations follow Vincent. In the bathroom of the club, Vincent hides a bag of cocaine, but he did not know that it secretly pursuing another corrupt colleague Alex, who changed a place of the bag to another location. The nightclub music playing so loudly that no one notices shootout. After skirmishes with bandits Vincent injured, but it needs to save his son’s life and escape from persecution.

New sleepless 2017 movie release date scheduled on 24 February.

Jamie Foxx and his career

If we look to the career of Jamie Foxx, it’s hard to believe that he was beginning to conquer the folk scene with his extravagant sketches on In Living Color. Soon he moved even further – filming the sitcom. After 2004 career trajectory, Jamie Foxx changed dramatically after the Collateral and Ray movie for which he received the Academy Award for the playing of the late musical legend Ray Charles.

In the interview with the director of the blockbuster “White House Down” Roland Emmerich it was an interesting moment when they were talking about Jamie Foxx. They decided maybe it would be great to bring Jamie Fox because he recently starred in the role of a slave in the movie “Django Unchained” and he can play the president in another movie. Director said that his role in “Django Unchained” didn’t affect on Jamie Foxx. But the director was afraid at first. Will he be able to play this intellectual hero? When director saw the footage from the film “Django Unchained”, he began to doubt it. Then, when he was already in the presidential suit, befitting makeup – he became a different person. The difference between his characters in the film by Quentin Tarantino in this film is very noticeable. He is a great actor, and director was very happy to work with him.


Jamie had just switched to “White House Down” after the film “Django Unchained” and there were many action scenes. In “White House Down”, Jamie had to play the role of a man who has no idea how to fight. He plays an intellectual. With this contradiction in a lot of humor was associated. Jamie once asked the director if he needs to wear a suit all time. Director told him: “Yes, definitely. Because this is the only way we will be able to hide your muscles that we do not really need for this movie.”

Cast and team

The director is Baran Bo Odar and screenwriter is Andrea Berloff. The main stars are Gabrielle Union, T.I., Dermot Mulroney, Scoot McNairy and many other. Producers of the movie are Roy Lee, Adam Stone. When is Sleepless coming to theaters? Everyone expect on February 24.

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