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When does come out Midnight Sun movie 2017

Sometimes film directors really have some talent to give the main roles to the particular actors who have grown up in public. People can clearly see their achievements and that cannot stop them from admiring. Such actors often start their career on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. And they always stay a part of it even whilst filming in other projects. So when does Midnight Sun come out to the world’s cinemas and theaters?

Have to wait:

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First of all, the production of this romantic drama started in 2015. During that year it was announced who was going to direct and what actors were invited to play main roles. However, even if it is the new upcoming movie, this is actually a remake of Japanese movie filmed in 2006 with the same name. The photography started right after the future film stars were announced to the public on the Internet at the beginning of October 2015. The actual filming began in British Columbia.

Midnight Sun movie 2017

However, movie Midnight Sun trailer hasn’t been released yet but people already know the plot due to the Japanese project “Taiyō no Uta”. It is also known that the movie premiere is scheduled for 14th of July in 2017 in American cinemas. The whole film was filmed in Vancouver with featuring popular local rock band. They appear on the screen just a few times playing and performing in the background of Vancouver nightclub. What are the actors and actresses that got the main leading roles in the upcoming film project?

  • Bella Thorne. American actress best known for playing in Disney series Shake It Up. She also took a part in many Hollywood projects such as the film The Duff and appeared in Disney series as a popular Disney Channel stars among Zendaya, Selena Gomez etc.
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger. Son of Austrian-born actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and author of popular books Maria Shriver. He has some experience in filming but this film is his first debut role.
  • Rob Riggle. American actor and former US Marine officer. Nowadays it is known that he took a part in Kosovo War and retired in 2013. He is best known for getting main roles in comedies and different American shows.

Story line – American adaptation of Japanese drama

After getting the information about Midnight Sun 2017 movie release date, it is time to tell more about the story line of the upcoming American movie. This is a story about 17-years-old girl Katie who has a Xeroderma pigmentosum (very rare recessive that caused genetically). Because of her illness, she is not allowed to go outside so she usually sleeps during the day and goes outside only when the sun goes down. Katie is also obsessed with singing and playing the guitar. One night, she sees the boy, whose name is Charlie, who used to be an athlete in high school and she admires him.

One night they accidently meet each other and later on fall in love. However, the main female protagonist tries too hard to hide her condition which doesn’t work and at the end of the film Charlie finds out about her disease. The rest of the cast also plays the main role in the life of a girl who likes music and finishes recording some songs she wrote by herself on the nights. At the time the disease started progressing more and more so Katie is no longer able to play guitar. However, Charlie helps her with recording album and right after that, she passes away.

Midnight Sun 2017

Before the recording, the family of the main female character made a decision to be in the studio to support their daughter. But she asks them to leave until the CD disk with her personal songs is not ready. So when is Midnight Sun 2017 coming to the theaters the audience will be able to the final scenes that will touch their hearts. The songs of Katie will be played on the radio and her boyfriend’s mind will be replaying her voice, her songs, and music that she played over and over again. This film is not just a story about love, as it has always been in the films.

This is a story about struggling, playing music that is being a huge part of some people who are creative and talented, and finding a power to go ahead no matter happens. There was also a quote that people often connect to this film that is being translated from the Croatian language. It says: unusually creative people often have the genes that are nowadays associated with severe disorders, but they live and enjoy life a lot more than the persons who are not diseased.

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