When does come out The Lucky One movie 2018

“The Lucky One” is a new movie by M. Ahmed. The answer to the question: “When does The Lucky One come out?” and more information on film you will know in the article below.

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  • M. Ahmed is a director of the movie. It is his first work as a director.

When is The Lucky One coming to theaters?

It is programmed to release the movie on screens at the end of February.

The Lucky One 2017


Objectivity loss (loss) is accompanied by a subjective processing of information received by the tragic. Thoughts, feelings, and experiences of people who have suffered loss are individual, unique and inimitable. Psychogenesis of the state depends on the strength of the stressor (a subjective intimacy of loss) and on the adaptive mechanisms and coping strategies of the subject, who suffered the loss. With his maladjustment occur pathological (painful) state that requires skilled care.

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The official movie The Lucky One trailer is not available for now.


A young woman cannot cure the trauma which she got 4 years earlier when there was a home invasion that killed her mom. And now she thinks that it all will happen again.


  • S. Schlange as Natalie
  • B. Bangston as Angie
  • A. Rufino as Carolyn
  • C. Griffin as Connor
  • C. Herring as Brian

Release Date

The Lucky One 2018 movie release date is scheduled on 20th of February.

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