When does come out The Comedian movie 2017


This winter in cinemas a new comedy film with Robert De Niro in the lead role will be released, which is called «The comedian». All lovers of the great games of Robert De Niro have to see this film. Most of the fans want to know: When will the premiere of this film be? What will a plot of this movie be? All this information can be found in this article.


The first trailer of movie «The Comedian» appeared on the internet December 23th, 2016, a huge number of people watched this first teaser-trailer. Trailer made a great impression on people and acquired a very good forecasts.

The Comedian movie 2017

The film tells the story of an aging stand-up comedian, who in the past was very famous. The protagonist Jackie Berben played by Robert De Niro meets a young girl, between people tied relationship that completely change the life of the protagonist. He begins to perform again, again becomes famous, he was invited to various TV programs. However, due to its daring character he quarrels with family and friends. The story takes place in modern times.

Release date and forecasts

The premiere date of the movie «The Comedian» assigned to 2017 year. Standby rating is 98 percent in favor of those who will go to the premiere of the film. Forecasts for fees is also quite optimistic, this movie should collect at the box office huge amount of money. The exact answer to the question: «When is The Comedian 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on January 13, 2017 all over the world. So everyone can see this wonderful movie next week. If you are a lover a good movie, be sure to visit the cinema to watch a movie «The Comedian».

The Comedian movie


The main roles are played by:

  • As mentioned above, the lead role of an aging stand-up comedian is taken by the legendary Robert De Niro. This great actor started his career in the 20th century, thanks to the Italian roots, he has played a variety of mobsters, gangsters and thugs, the most famous movies: «Casino», «Goodfellas». For supporting actress in «The Godfather 2», he was awarded an Oscar. Since 2000 Robert De Niro began acting in comedy films such as «Introduction to parents», «Everybody’s fine» and so on. In this film, the actor also revealed his masterful character;
  • In the film, attended a great actor Danny De Vito, he plays brother of the main hero. Probably everyone knows at least one film, in which an actor Danny DeVito starred. He is famous for the comedy movie “Twins,” “Junior”, “Be Cool” and so on;
  • Wonderful Leslie Mann plays the role of the beloved protagonist. The actress is often removed in a variety of comedies, the most popular are: “Forty-year virgin,” “The Change-Up,” “The Cable Guy” and others;

The Comedian 2017

  • Harvey Keitel plays the role of a friend and former colleague of the protagonist. The actor is very talented, and the years of career managed to play in a lot of movies and TV series, the most famous of them are «The Grand Budapest Hotel», «Moonrise Kingdom», and «Red Dragon». It is noteworthy that the actor had already an experience of working with Robert De Niro, they played together in Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver”, which was released in 1976;
  • In the film, played by actress Cloris Leachman, who was awarded with the Oscar in the year 19762 for a supporting role in the film “The Last Stagecoach”. Recently he starred in popular comedy series «Raising Hope», «Blue mountain state».

Thus, cast of the movie includes big number of talented actors.

Director of the film is the legendary Taylor Hackford, who created such films as «Devil’s Advocate» with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino starring, drama «Ray» with Jamie Foxx. The director is very talented and masterly.

Thus, the film «The Comedian» should be one of the best movie premieres this winter. Good jokes and an interesting plot is guaranteed to everyone. Such a film with a good cast each person must see. After reading this text, each person will find answers to the questions: when does The Comedian come out? When will the release date of the movie «The Comedian» be? and so on.

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