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When does come out The Perfect Day movie 2017

The Perfect Day is coming up terrorism movie by Jenni Ivers. The main questions: “When does The Perfect Day come out?” and “When is The Perfect Day coming to theaters?” will be observed in the article below.

What is terrorism?

Terrorism is a complex, multifaceted and extremely negative socio-political phenomenon which is gone beyond the national borders of individual states and turned into a large-scale threat to the security of the entire world community.

The Perfect Day movie 2017

Terrorism in recent years has become one of the main problems of the world. The powerful state capable of organizing an expedition to Mars, equipped with nuclear arsenals and ballistic missiles are powerless before a group of men with guns. The manifestations of terrorism entail huge casualties, it destroys all kind of values: the spiritual, material and cultural; these values is impossible to reconstruct in centuries. It breeds hatred and distrust between the social and national groups. Terrorism is one of those kinds of criminal violence where victims could be innocent people, anyone who has no relation to the conflict.

Terrorism is neither a popular nor a national “invention”. It is a policy of intimidation and suppression by force, inspiring “fear”. Such a course of action is practiced at all levels of society: in the family, enterprises, within denominations, unions, parties, etc.

Terrorism tries to get that what is not achievable in a civilized way – negotiations, persuasion, and interchange. Therefore, the terror, by itself, is a manifestation of helplessness, which is an obvious proof of weakness. This terror perpetrated by one person (or a group / state) against the other, the physical abuse isn’t exception. To achieve its goal, even though coercion, terror performers resort to military things, such as in case of the state, but most often, the emotional pressure and threats. When one person threatens physical harm to another in order to take his wallet is basically the same.

The Perfect Day 2017

In most cases, many people have not realize (or at least underestimate) that the prospect of being cut off by society, belonging and protection of which is looking anyone, can cause in the victim various fears. People and communities of different types and colors (the family, the business community, businesses, trade unions and parties) play on love necessity, fear of being abandoned or loss of a job. Their goal is to break the will of the individual, to maintain the system order to block new proposals (and innovative ideas), threaten to make any changes, i.e. to stop all sorts of deviations from the accepted norms. Through terror attempt to save a personal benefit (probably threatened), ignoring the interests of others.


  1. Jenni Ivers is a filmmaker. In addition to her passion for cinema she enjoys cats, reading, and having long discussions about possible outcomes to Game of Thrones. She is known for Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”, “Star”, “One Church”, “Ninety minutes on Heaven”.
  2. Ferguson is cinematographer.
  3. Makeup and Hair designers are C. Gower and B. Mallory.


The movie The Perfect Day trailer is already available on www.theperfectdayfilm.com

The Perfect Day


What would happen if simultaneous terrorist attacks happened on ONE PERFECT DAY?


Action | Drama


  1. Bromme as Kamal
  2. Brooks ass Paul
  3. Brown as Thomas
  4. Conley as Guard
  5. Daros as Manager
  6. Edwards as Tara
  7. Evers as Ken
  8. Fabian as Allie
  9. Ferguson as Beiber Sethos
  10. Fisher as Erik

The Perfect Day 2017 movie release date is programmed on 1st March, 2017. The world release is still unknown.

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