When does come out Swing Away movie 2017


There are so many such inspirational films that are often watched by both kids and adults. And each and every one of them finds something particular and specific that will make the life easier and happier. There you can find anything – even if the plot is about some game or sport it automatically turns out to the moment when the main character, supported by his family and friends, is trying to achieve something big and important in his life. The new upcoming international film is not an exception. So, when does Swing Away come out?

The brand new film’s release date was planned right after it had been finished shooting. So the first day when the inspirational movie came out was at the beginning of May in 2016. It was shown and previously organized in collaboration with a famous film festival – Bentonville. However, the second date that is being scheduled for USA premiere for all American cinemas is 10th of March 2017.


Swing Away movie 2017

The preparations for the film releasing were very serious. As an example of that, movie Swing Away trailer was made very professionally for the audience to be able to feel the whole atmosphere of it and even take a part in it during the watching. According to the story line which will be described later below, the main character goes back to Greece. That is why the film is full of amazing views of Balkan country. All you can see the atmosphere in the film is very friendly and light that helps the viewers to relax and enjoy watching.

Interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts when it comes to the destinations where the film was shot and owes its unforgettable Greece beauty.

  • As the cinema fans will be able to see, the first shots were taken in American city and were filmed in New Jersey – it didn’t take so long to film because the main filming was planned to be in Balkan country.
  • Mountains, sea, olives, blue crystal water, white buildings with colorful roofs, delicious baklava and other things – these was all shot in Rhodes, Greece. On Swing Away 2017 movie release date American theaters and big cinemas will provide an opportunity to moviegoers to enjoy all this beauty, the shots of Rhodes sights, cozy houses and see different stories of completely different people.


Swing Away movie

  • The film is PG rated (also known as Parental Guidance Suggested which means that some content may be shown to the children with the permission of their parents) because some scenes contain smoking cigarettes, drinking alcoholic beverages and some bad language expressions.

The story line – what does heritage mean to us?

The main protagonist is a professional golf player – her name is Zoe. Her name and big achievements in sport career are well-known in the whole world but one day she experiences the decline and it seems to her like the whole career, world, achievements and the strength she used for accomplishing that is gone. But instead of giving up she just decides to go for a mini break to Greece – the place where her grandparents live. The cast of the movie is very rich and multinational as the new heroes appear on the screen. Will Zoe be able to recover mentally after losing the most important game in her life?


Swing Away 2017

After arriving in Greece, Zoe goes to the village where her grandparents live and enjoy living with them – she cooks traditional Balkan’s food, eat baklava and make the most delicious bread with olive oil. Meanwhile, she manages to meet a young girl whose the main goal is to become a professional golfer and make a sensation in sport career. Zoe makes a decision to help her and become the one the girl always dreamt about. On the other side of the story, there are happening some new, unexplored to Zoe things she hasn’t managed to notice whilst being constantly busy with playing her favorite game.

When is Swing Away coming to the theaters, there will be shown many things on the big screen. Zoe finds out she has a big power and suddenly discovers the strength that will lead her to the new level of her life. She even organizes the protest against a developer from the USA being greedy with local people. Zoe becomes a new inspiration to them in order to struggle against the man who wants to destroy the land.

The viewers will not only enjoy the unusual beautiful story of a strong woman but also see magnificent and admirable love story of two people accidently meeting abroad.

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