When does come out The Breadwinner movie 2017


“The Breadwinner” is a new cartoon movie by Nora Twimey. The movie is about the strong character of the main heroine that must motivate to make everything possible to live better, find the way out. All information on the movie you will find on the topic below. The answer to the main question: “When does The Breadwinner come out?” you also will find here.


N.Twomey is a director of the movie. She is known for “Puffin Rock”, “The Secret of Kells”, “Eddy of the Realm Eternal”.

R. Riahi and C. Duffy are art directors.

Animation Department

  • V. Ens as a senior character animator
  • F. Erlinghauser as an animation director
  • G. King as a senior animator
  • L. Lordan as a sequence animation director
  • O. Løken as an animator
  • S. Reese as an assistant animator
  • B. Witchalls as a senior lead key clean-up artist

The Breadwinner movie 2017

When is The Breadwinner 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will come to theaters in 2017.

The fate of women in Afghanistan

When our girls write in their social network profiles: “I want to meet a strong man next to whom I can be weak” they do not think about chauvinism or sexism. For them, the opportunity to be weak to the man seems attractive, and even perfect.

In Afghanistan, it is not an option; it is the structure of society. Women’s prisons of the country are filled with young women with children who have committed “moral offenses” and were rejected by their families: have been victims of rape escaped from domestic violence or refused to marry the man who chose the parents or the got pregnant from partner who is not approved by the family.

In Afghanistan, these women do not find protection – they are imprisoned, says Gabriela Maj. A woman’s body is considered to be not her property but belongs to her father, husband, community, religion, or the state, and any action that she will make to it without the consent of men, who hold power, is punishable.

The Breadwinner 2017

The answer to the question that girls-prisoners will do when time to depart, as a rule, comes, was: “I will be killed”

The police involved in the capture of the women who ran away from the family because of the violence or refuse to marry the man who she does not love, and then they are imprisoned for moral crimes.

But those women who are serving the time for murder or other real crime, as a rule, are victims of the violence that they have experienced before decided to do something. For example, a young 20-year-old woman cut the throat of her husband, who forced her into prostitution, because she could not tolerate bullying anymore.

Each of the women had no right to choose the direction of her life since childhood. Most were married against their wishes, become mothers when in most countries they are still considered as children.

Communities, families, husbands and parents are on guard of female virginity and bodies of women, while they themselves are not able to manage their lives. This structure leads to situations where the father may declare that prefers death to his dishonored daughter, causing the real tragedy.

This structure of society seems shocking to us, the standards under which in cheating of husband is accused his wife (because she did not look after her, do not give him enough sex) looks wild for people living in Western societies. How it is considered unacceptable for a man to hit a woman in our countries and for an adult to hit a child in Europe or America is taboo.

The Breadwinner cartoon 2017

When you next time hear of a “strong man weak woman” think about the girls of Afghanistan, locked in jail for what they dared to decide something for themselves.


The movie The Breadwinner trailer is not available.


In the center of the plot is a stubborn girl from a poor family. The main character sooner experienced real grief, and she knew what serious problems are. Her family could barely make ends meet, and even sometimes there was not enough money for food. Therefore, the girl decided to work, but most of the work was given to boys because they are stronger than girls. The work was hard and not very paid, but the girl could not get it. Then she decided to dress as a boy, and then the odds of getting a job will increase. It worked and the girl gets the job. Now it is important that the deception was not disclosed.


  • S. Chaudry as voice of Parvana
  • L. Sadiq as voice of Fattema
  • S. Latif as voice of Soraya
  • A. Badshah as voice of Nurullah
  • N. Gulamgaus as voice of Idrees / Sulayman
  • K. Ada as voice of Razaq

Release Date

The Breadwinner 2017 movie release date is scheduled in 2017 in the USA. The precise information on release is not disclosed.

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