The “The Wall” in genre war and drama by Doug Liman is a new upcoming movie. On …" />

When does come out The Wall movie 2017


The “The Wall” in genre war and drama by Doug Liman is a new upcoming movie. On this occasion, we will try to ask on question: “When does The Wall come out?” and will give you full information on the movie below.

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  • D. Liman is a producer of the movie. He is known for “Edge of Tomorrow”, “The Bourne Identity”, “The Bourne Ultimatum”, “The Bourne Supremacy”
  • Roman Vasyanov is a cinematographer.
  • Julia Bloch is a film editor.
  • J. Mann is a production designer.
  • K. Berry is a set decorator.
  • C. Evans is a costume designer.

The Wall movie 2017

When is The Wall coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to go to theaters in the first part of March.

What is War?

War is a heavy word and heavy time. Everybody knows the definition of this word, but only those who have seen with their own eyes the war and its consequences be able to tell what is a real war.

However, do not think that a person is a victim of war. It’s not like that at all. The victim is engaged in self-flagellation because any war is the work of the person himself. Does it reveal this animal back to the people? A kind of “natural selection”, which is resulted in the survival of the strongest, whether it is with a club, arrows, with the sword, with gunpowder, with a gun … The human civilization is improving every year and effective war means is improving every year too. Subconsciously, people are so imbued with this “militancy” that very often in normal, everyday situations use military terminology “borders on the river”, “on the border of our region”.

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Sometimes you wonder: Are people born for the war? I do not want to believe it. Why is it good to be born for destruction? A man comes into the world to know the world of love, harmony, and creation. People are born with love and to love but war is contrary to human’s mind. But here we cannot say that the war has many faces: for some it is the way to glory, for others is the struggle for freedom and general well-being, for the third is a matter of principle…

The Wall movie

The war is the time having the courage and bravery at the front and in the rear of the enemy. Everyone knows from history that during World War II,  people have shown fortitude and strength of mind, organizing partisan units in the forests. Often, they were active right under the nose of the enemy, risking to die in terrible torture in case of capture. Often, the guerrillas became little kids.

Do not stand “agreed” from this struggle the writers, poets, artists, composers … They have always maintained that war is contrary to the “human” in man as urges to take up arms by men, the elderly, teenagers, women. It is difficult to imagine a woman, keeper of the hearth and the mother, in the war.

I wonder when is reflecting on the theme of war: “What exactly is the war?” I do not find meaning in these wars, I see no reason that can justify millions of lives. And therein lays the horror of reality. Even worse, when, under the guise of “righteous” is hiding a malicious attacker, who allegedly fighting for democracy around the world. It is perverse that everyone has a blind eye to the “tricks of the malicious aggressor” and do not want to fight against him in the war. I think the country’s well-being should be assessed not only on the growth of the economy and the exchange rate, but also “moral” of human health. A normal, sane person will never take up arms against his fellow man and will not participate in the war – the madness on a global scale.

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The Wall 2017


The official movie The Wall trailer is already available on the YouTube.


How little we care about those who saved the lives of our ancestors, thus allowing us to live and to read this article. Their each day is a struggle for survival. And if during the war they fought against the deadly enemy of all people but now they fight against their own people, including the authorities. Disrespect teens, adults inattention, the indifference of the authorities – and heroes of war is already begging on the street.

War is never forgotten. It always comes in dreams to those who lived through it. But this does not mean that we haven’t seen it have the right to forget. We live in order to prevent the next war and will take care of our old saviors.


The main actors are Aaron Taylor-Johnson, John Cena, Laith Nakli. Their characters are not disclosed.

The Wall 2017 movie release date is programmed on 10th of March.

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