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When does come out Underworld: Blood Wars movie 2017

Expected fantasy thriller with elements of horror film that continues the story of the centuries-old confrontation between vampires and werewolves. The vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is continuing her fight against Clan Lycans and vampires that have betrayed her faction. A bloody war between the two races is developed with new force: each party tries to get Celine and her daughter in order to use their blood to create a hybrid that can turn the tide of the war and help their masters to destroy the enemies. Hiding daughter, Celine intends to put an end to the whole confrontation, even if it cost her a life.

Underworld: Blood Wars movie

The new part of the legendary fantasy saga “Underworld: Blood War” continues the story of the never-ending war between Lycans and vampires. Kate Beckinsale again played the role of a fearless warrior vampire Selene, which hunt both clans. When does Underworld: Blood Wars come out we will tell further in this small review.


The first part of the picture came out in 2003. It was negatively received by most of the critics are mainly due to the lack of work on the characters. At the same time, some audience noted stylized gothic effects and elaborate mythology of vampires, werewolves, which formed the basis of history. Cash gathering of the first film made $ 458 million. With a budget of $ 177 million.

Initially, it was assumed that fifth part will be reset of the entire franchise, but the latest information, it seems, we will see a logical continuation of the story the previous series of films.

Interesting facts

Initially, it was assumed that this would be the last film in which Kate Beckinsale leads a cast and will play Celine, but producer Len Wiseman has approved that the sixth movie is in progress and Beckinsale will return to her role.

In 2014, the film production company Lakeshore Entertainment has confirmed the “Underworld” franchise plans to restart. However, later it was confirmed that a restart will not be, but is preparing the fifth film of the series.

Underworld: Blood Wars 2017 movie release date was changed from October 14, 2016, to January 6, 2017

Last news

  • Lara Pulver joins the cast of the film. The British actress is famous for her roles in the TV series “Sherlock”, “Da Vinci’s Demons,” “True Blood” and others. Who, exactly, will play Lara, not yet reported.
  • Actor Bradley James played the role of King Arthur in the TV series “Merlin”, and also known for the TV series “Homeland” and “I am a zombie” joined to “Underworld ” crew team.
  • On the role of Marius, the new leader of the Lycans, was appointed British actor Tobias Menzies. The most famous projects with his participation this series: “Outlander,” “Game of Thrones,” “Doctor Who” and ” Black Mirror”.
  • A date, when is Underworld: Blood Wars 2017 coming to theaters is January 6, 2017

Underworld: Blood Wars

Critical opinion

Recently, the movie Underworld: Blood Wars trailer has arrived. Impressive and atmospheric trailer creates the good expectation from the oncoming movie.

But despite the good charges, allowing the cycle of ” Underworld ” to pay off without any budget cuts, and a relatively good score of audiences and critics, it remains on the sidelines of cinema. It feels that all, including the creators, understand that this is not an expensive than the fan fiction, in any case, does not claim to high art.

Director of picture Anna Foerster that mainly  directing episodes and “Blood Wars” it is also suited to the serial pragmatism, like the previous part left in hire only a week ago. Reminding the audience, who is who, the authors do not intend to, rushing from the screen names of the missing characters and hardly mentioning the events of previous parts. On the other hand, trying to remember who is this Thomas by Charles Dance, and figured if in the last part of the character of Lara Pulver, is a maximum of mental activity, you can count on during playback. For intrigue here is issued a fairly straightforward attempt vampire Semira to bend under him the power to the coven, but otherwise, it is “fight” movie, in which there is no room for anything other than blows, shots, and jumps.

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